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PoP Preludium   [1:34]
  • Track 13 from Last Man Standing
  • ( There are no lyrics to this track )

    As you can see from the title, this track is dedicated to Denniz PoP, the great producer, who unfortunately died of cancer August 30th, 1998 (only 35 years old) :'(


    Performed by Westra Aros Pijpare:

    Violin: Ann Wallström / Bo Lindell
    Viola: Magnus Pehrsson
    Violone: Eva Erlansson
    Harp: Berit Lindberg
    Guitar / Theorbo: Lars-Erik Larsson
    Recorders: Bjørg Ollén
    Dulcian: Sven Aarflot
    Cornett: Kina Sellergren
    Tenor Trombone: Walter Brolund / Åke Lännerholm
    Bass Trombone: Sven Larsson
    Percussion: Tomas Nilsson

    Written, composed and produced by E-Type
    Published by Stockholm Songs
    Conducted and arranged by Bertil Färnlöf
    Recorded by Bertil Alving at Sveriges Radio, Studio 2

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