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Band  [Scandinavian Headbangers (2003)]

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  • As we all know, Martin isn't alone on stage. His live-band - known as "The Scandinavian Headbangers" - has always had a big part in E-type's live-shows. Firstly he started out with "The Bend Over Band" which mainly consisted of old friends of E-type. Later on they became "The Frying Demons" since only 3 remained in the band for the LMS-tour. When it was time for the Tour IV Ever, they became "The Scandinavian Headbangers" - a band-name chosen through a competition on this website. Now we have the Euro Metal Tour 2003 running and the band has changed a bit since the summer tour.

    The line-up for this year's tour is as follows:

    Members of the band
  • Mikkey Dee
    Drums, been playing the drums for Motörhead for many many years. A good friend to E-type and Johan, and a great guy overall!

  • Johan Dereborn
    Plays bass, sings and is the band leader. Dr. Alban is one of the artists Johan has worked with. You have probably heard Johan before, he produced the country version of "Angels Crying", that was included both on the "Here I Go Again" single and the "Last Man Standing" album. And he has also played Free Like A Flying Demon in a country version on Swedish TV with his own country band called Tumbleweed Trail. Apart from all this, he's also a very good friend of the webmasters here at

    [Visit Johan's homepage]

  • Pontus Norgren
    Guitars, a heavy rockin’ guitarist and a skilled sound engineer who has toured with Candlemass, Yngwie Malmsteen and others

  • Roger Gustafsson
    Guitar. An old friend of Johan's. They've been playing together for ten years in every possible situation. Roger was a part of the country-band "Tumbleweed Trail". He was in the original band of "Den Stora Klassfesten" (as was Staffan Brodén!) and they've been playing hundreds of different gigs together. He's a reaally nice and funny guy and fits right into the social and musical feel of E-types touring act! Made himself indispensable during the last summer tour.

  • Therese Löf
    Vocals, also became a vital part of the band this summer


  • Linda Andersson
    Vocals, a new bandmate who swept in and convinced them all at the auditions for this tour

  • Technicians
  • Niklas Ekström
    The tour manager and monitor engineer


  • Johan Walin
    Sound engineer

  • Stefan Sjöland
    Lighting engineer

  • Roger Albinsson
    Backline technician

  • Jonas Hultgren

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