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Interactive  [Introduction]

This part of the site has not been translated yet

  • This section is what we call the Interactive pages. It means, the pages which are active all the time.

    Most of the topics on the left actually speaks for themselves, although we don't think that many visit our Message Board which gives you an opportunity to state your own opinion about anything regarding E-type and perhaps start discussions with other E-type fans. A really fun way of communicating actually

    Most recent topics

    Online Postcards - these aren't that new anymore, but's quite fun to send out Interactive postcards to friends with small messages :)

    Monthly Poll - it's been a bit vague lately, because we don't know what to ask the fans about in order to have a proper poll. But when we had a poll going, there was still not much activity

    Chat - This has been on this website for a while, but we have just recently added several new and cool features to it making it possible for you to do a lot of things, you weren't able to do before! Read more in the chat-room in the "help" section

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