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Multimedia  [Introduction]

This part of the site has not been translated yet

  • This section was actually only a download section of, but now it's expanded into being our MULTIMEDIA-section which means not only downloads are to be found in here, but also other nice things!

    At present we have the following to offer:

    E-type videos

    I'm Falling

    Here we have all E-type videos in RA-format which can be viewed while online. For now we have them in pretty low quality, but we intend to upload high quality videos as well at some point!

     Find out more >> videos

    Preview of the video

    We're proud to present 2 of our very own videos. The latest video was made by the webmaster NetRoam and the old video from 2000 was made by posh!, our former team-member. He also contributed with a very special Campione 2000 mix for that!

     Find out more >> screensaver

    Screensaver preview

    Once again we're proud to present yet another production. This time it's our very own screensaver. This is also the work of posh!, the former multimedia guy of this site :)

     Find out more >> 

    Desktop Images

    Desktop preview

    In this section we have various desktop images which can be used on your Windows desktop. These desktop images are either made by ourselves or by fans! So far we have about 20 desktops available!

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    ... More will come as times goes by!

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