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Paradise   [3:27]
  • Track 2 from Loud Pipes Save Lives
  • Away, astray, but on track to what I think
    will be the best of times
    when I am on my own
    So if I may, I’ll stay, as I am,
    a player always on the move
    I'm strong when I'm all alone

    Some things will change
    I can feel it coming but
    I don't know what it is
    Within my range
    I don't know what to do but I'll live

    It must be like paradise
    If only someone could tell me how
    So please start rolling the dice
    Cause I can feel that my time is now
    It must be like paradise

    Confused, reduced to a life where I'm no
    longer in
    control of-it-all, like I used to be
    I'm not afraid, I played all the cards that I
    was dealt but this is new
    I'll just have to wait and see

    Some things will change
    I don't know what to do but I'll live...


    Music by E-type
    Lyrics by E-type / Mud
    Published by Universal Music Publ. AB
    Produced by Max Martin, Rami, John Amatiello and Christian Nilsson
    Additional production by Daniel Papalexis and Patrik Henzel
    Riff arrangement by Christian Nilsson, Rami, Jorre Amatiello and Max Martin
    Mixed and engineered by Rami and John Amatiello

    Recorded at Maratone Studios, Stockholm
    Guitar: Max Martin
    Background vocals: Na Na Hedin and Jeanette Olsson

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