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Lost And Goodbye   [3:50]
  • Track 11 from Loud Pipes Save Lives
  • Do you remember when we were so tender
    I long for them days
    You were forgiving and we were just living
    In clouds night and day

    Hard to believe when I see
    What we've become you and me
    You made me feel but I know
    That I will follow wherever you go

    When love fades away
    You just don't know how to go on
    When love fades away
    And the magic we had is long gone
    You just don't know
    Who you really are
    Until the day that you find you are lost

    You are lost and goodbye

    Time passing by
    While I'm wondering why I am here
    without you

    You were my startlight
    Now I don't know how to go on
    without you

    Why can't I turn back time
    Now that I've learned from my lies
    Oh, it just burns my eyes
    To see you with somebody else
    by your side


    Music by E-type
    Lyrics by E-type
    Published by Universal Music Publ. AB

    Produced and mixed by Patrik Henzel
    Recorded at PHM Studio
    Computers & Keyboards by Patrik Henzel

    Background vocals by Jeanette Olsson
    Upright bass by Johan Dereborn
    Guitars by Roger Gustafsson
    Piano, organ and organ solo by Mats Karlsson

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