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News Article 10
  • Frikvarter - Danish magazine  [November, 1998]

    This article was sent to us by Stingbat


    The Swede E-type is in a turbulent period with sorrow and success. Now he works 24*7 to get his new album done, so it can finally be released.

    By Christian Budtz

    The Angels Crying single has so far been a huge dance-hit, especially in Scandinavia. But a shadow of grief has made a big curb of success, since E-type's producer and close friend Denniz Pop died recently. Denniz Pop was the man behind names like "Ace Of Base" and "Backstreet Boys", and has since 1994 carried E-type from one big hit to another. E-type's new album was supposed to be released already in August, but the tragic incident has delayed the work:
    - Now we are very busy, and we are working day and night to get it done, E-type tells, who has been isolated in his small studio in Stockholm for about half a year.
    Because of the rebuilt at the record company the artist's studio has been moved to the cleaning room, where E-type sits very squeezed. He is nearly to metres high.
    - But it HAS to be tough to write music.
    The first album, I wrote, was written in a dirty basement in Stockholm. That is what's so cool about music. It's both about sitting alone at night with a big cup of tea and write songs, but also about being on tour with the band and go crazy, E-type tells.

    Longhaired Swede
    As most Swedes, E-type also has long hair. But why does so many Swedes have long hair?
    - It must be because they forget to look at themselves in the mirror - because in reality it really is ugly. The first time I discovered, that I had long hair, was when I saw a picture of myself in the paper and thought: "is that me?", E-type jokes.
    He could never dream of cutting his hair though and discloses at the same time, that he neither uses Head and Shoulders nor Dax Wax to trim the long curls. The secret behind the Swede's hair splendour is a more unconventional way:
    - When I drink beer, I usually pour some in my hair to give it some extra B-vitamins - and it should preferably be Carlsberg, it's certainly the best.
    Having long hair also goes along with being an anarchist and do what you want to do, E-type thinks. And with that attitude he has got himself a long list of sackings gradually.
    - My bosses have always hated me, because I've always done what I like to do.

    Picture-text: "Sleepless in Stockholm"

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