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News Article 8
  • Vi Unge - Danish magazine  [?, 1999]

    This article was sent to us by Stingbat


    Why are you in this job?
    - Because I think, that it’s a challenge and at the same time fun. It is also an undescribable experience to stand on the scene and perform. I love it!

    Which animal are your favourite?
    - Wolf. It’s strong, handsome and in depend.

    Why do angels cry?
    - Because they are unhappy. They are feeling sad, that they don’t have a better love life. They give much love, but almost don’t get any themselves. Therefore they cry.

    Do you know the expression "svenskerhår"?
    - Swedish what-did-you-say? What is it? Is it when you have long hair or something?

    Denmark or Sweden?
    - Phew, that was a touch one. I have to go on compromise and say that Denmark is the best in the summer. But Sweden in the winter.

    Boyzone or Backstreet Boys?
    - I think, I’ll answer Backstreet Boys. Kevin in BB is one of my closes friends, and I don’t want to be against him.

    Complete the sentence: "I’m a big big girl"?
    - "In a big big world" or something like that.

    Does a monkey swim better than an angel?
    - I really don’t think a monkey can swim. And angels don’t even like water. Which one is best, is not easy to know.

    When are you feeling well?
    - Right now. I have it unusually fine right now. I have seen Denmark and now sit nice and comfortable and talk with you. I have it unusable nice.

    Ace of Base or ABBA?
    - It’s difficult. Ace of Base is one of my best friends. But we can’t get through, that Abba are and always will be the greatest ever. They have had many hits. Unbelievable!

    Can you say a sentence in Swedish, which is not understandable to me?
    - (After 5 minutes of silence) Hmmm hmmm... No, I can’t!

    Surstrømning or Rødgrød med fløde?
    - Surstrømning - definitely!

    What describes Denmark?
    - Beer! And we must not forget the beautiful girls.

    Name: Martin E-type Eriksson

    Born: Yes

    Height: 192 cm

    Weight: 81 kg

    Profession: Songwriter / Artist / "Pellejöns"

    Download the article  [310 KB]

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