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News Article 9
  • 3BE3A A HEAEAN - Ukrainian magazine  [?, 1999]

    This article was sent to us by Maria Angel (Ukraine)


    A person called E-type is unnecessary to be introduced to our readers - his new song "Angels Crying" took one of the highest positions in "Cool"-charts really unaccidently. But probably it's necessary to say that this song is from his new album "Last Man Standing". So, as to the new album... It's title could be translated "the lonely hero" or something like that.

    The new composition by Martin Eriksson (E-type's real name) came out in December. By the way, do you know what "E-type" actually means? It's the Jaguar car model. Martin is keen on cars, Jaguars in particular. He told us when we phoned him in Stockholm. As long as we dialed his number and introduced ourselves, Martin started dashing Russian words. There we had "privet", "na zdorovie", "perestroika", "do svedania"... "No «do svedania»",- we answered and asked Martin about the new album. He said that he'd been working on it for a long time and here's the result. As for the "lonely hero", he was concerned that he didn't mean anything particular, and then, after a while, he added that somehow all of us in this world are lonely heroes. Wow... Everyone present were astonished to find out Martin was a philosopher and asked him what books he preferred. It turned out he preferred watching movies - his favourite being "The City of Angels" starring Nicholas Cage & Meg Ryan.

    Martin also said that he surely would come to Russia to perform songs from the new album. He confessed that he had liked Russia very much and asked us to give the hottest Scandinavian regards to all of his "Cool"-readers. We're glad to do it. Privet!

    Download the article  [277 KB]

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