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Updates from 1999
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Lots of recordings this december
December 19th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Last week E-type did some recordings for Swedish TV. At December 26th he and the gang will be on "Söndagsöppet" which will be broadcasted on SVT1 and on New Years Eve (31st) they ...
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The long-awaited "Greatest Hits" CD released
November 25th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Finally the waiting is over! E-type's long-awaited release of "Greatest Hits" has now been released in Sweden! It contains, apart from the CD with 15 E-type singles, a limited ...
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Update 194
November 23rd, 1999 - by NetRoam

E-TYPE ON Z-TV We have been notified by Johan Dereborn that E-type will perform (playback) on the show "TOPPEN" on Swedish Z-TV. E-type is gonna do a playback of "Russian Lullaby" We ...
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Update 192
October 26th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Great news! E-type will release a new album already this autumn. Finally after three albums with hits, from the first single "Set the world on fire" to the latest "Hold your horses", ...
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Update 184
September 14th, 1999 - by NetRoam

According to the Swedish newspaper called Metro, E-type was the Swedish male artist who attracted most people to his shows this summer in Sweden. 215.000 people went to see him ...
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Update 176
August 28th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Today is the last gig on the tour which takes place in Sunne, Sweden. In Ljungby yesterday Johan Dereborn told Gonz (webmaster) that the whole band has got the message ...
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Update 169
August 12th, 1999 - by NetRoam

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Update 167
August 11th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Now it's official! E-type has now sold over 1 million albums all in all and that way broken the one million barrier! Amazing! More official news: Dee has now signed up for ...
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Update 164
August 5th, 1999 - by NetRoam

Great news for the Danish fans!! E-type will come to Denmark in a few days and he will play at Skanderborg Festivalen on Sunday August 8th. The webmasters of www.etype ...
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Update 156
July 25th, 1999 - by NetRoam

First of all......we found out about these news right when Gonz was on vacation, so we couldn't update the site unfortunately! Anyway, Martin was ill for about 2 weeks, since ...
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