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News Archives  [News from 2001]

Updates from 2001
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E-type performing at "Victoria dagen"
July 14th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Today is E-type performing at the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's 24 years birthday. Among other performers are Lena Philipsson, Sanna Nielsen, Martin Stenmark and ...
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E-type Weekend 2001 announcement
June 24th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Now it's time again for the annual E-type weekend which was started last year by the E-type Experience in Holland. This time it's time for Denmark (which means to ...
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E-type: 40 years on the road
March 27th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Exactly 40 years ago this month, at the Geneva Auto Show, Jaguar Cars unveiled their new roadster, the Jaguar E-type. This model was to become very successful over the years, ...
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Read about E-type's opinion on mp3's
January 22nd, 2001 - by NetRoam

The Swedish newspaper called Aftonbladet has had an interview with E-type regarding the subject which is on a lot of musician's libs nowadays: "MP3" E-type simply wants people ...
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E-type's book 'Sveakampen' to become a computer-game
January 7th, 2001 - by NetRoam

Besides the music, one of E-type's favourite hobbies is the viking period and that's also what he wrote about in his first book called "Sveakampen" (the sword fight). Now this ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20

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