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News Archives  [News from 2002]

Updates from 2002
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Information about the new single!
February 14th, 2002 - by NetRoam

E-type's next single is - as everybody probably knows by now - called "Africa". At first the single was scheduled to be released in February, but today we got the word from E-type ...
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Great promotion these days!
February 4th, 2002 - by NetRoam

Not only has E-type been doing a lot of promotion in Sweden and Finland these days and performed at many shows as well, but for the last 2 weeks his music has also been promoted ...
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E-type has sold gold in Finland!
January 25th, 2002 - by NetRoam

E-type is also a very successful artist in Finland these days. He's just sold gold there which is about 20.000 copies of Euro IV Ever. Congratulations! Tonight E-type was in ...
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Success for E-type in more than one way!
January 22nd, 2002 - by NetRoam

These days it must be incredible to be E-type, since he can't be more successful in Sweden than he already is at this moment in time. Yesterday night he won a prestigeous NRJ ...
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E-type at NRJ Radio Awards + Tour info
January 14th, 2002 - by NetRoam

E-type is nominated for "Best Swedish Male" at the annual NRJ Radio Awards, and he will also perform at the venue with "Life". There will be performances by big artists like Kylie ...
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Updates:  1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30

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