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Interactive  [Message Board]

This part of the site has not been translated yet

  • Some of you might not know what a message board is, so we'll briefly fill you in. A message board is a place, where you can leave small or long messages asking about things or commenting on anything regarding E-type. These messages may lead to discussions which can be quite fun to participate in :)

    But in order to have a message board running, we have to set a few rules. It may sound stupid, but it's just so we hopefully can avoid spamming and such.

    Simple Rules

    1. Please write in English, so that all visitors understand what you're saying. Should there come other languages in the English-spoken forums, then those parts will be cut away by the administrators.

    2. In the specially appointed language-forums it's only allowed to write in that particular language - unless there might be a translation-problem (but no asking for very BIG translations). Please respect this!

    3. Don't request or offer any illegal stuff such as MP3's. Stuff like pictures, information or anything like that is permitted to request for.

    4. Arguements leading to use of foul language will be awarded with a warning - if it continues a 1-week ban from the board will be the result of that.

    5. Weird and/or half empty messages that doesn't make sense to the thread will either be deleted or awarded with a warning.

    6. Already banned users aren't allowed to register a new username and continue during the ban-period. If it's done anyway, it may cause an extention of the actual ban.

    As a rule here at the message board we have made it so that if a user has been banned for a week, the next violation causing a ban will be of 2 weeks, the next 3 weeks and so on!

    Click to enter the board

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