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Author Subject:  Canada's top 40
Registered User
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Posted 01-02-02 - 04:23 AM
This is why Canada's music sucks for the most part:Artist Song Title
01. Kylie - Can't get you out of my Head
02. R . Kelly - The World’s Greatest
03. DJ Encore - I See Right Through
04. Ian Van Dahl - Will I
05. Shakira - Whenever Wherever
06. Fat Joe - We Thuggin
07. Creed - My Sacrifice
08. IIO - Rapture
09. Ja Rule - Always on time
10. Usher - You Got it Bad
11. DJ Sammy - Heaven
12. Sylver - Forgiven
13. Mary J Blige - No More Drama
14. Jagged Edge - Goodbye
15. Michelle Branche - Everywhere
16. Diana Fox - Sail Away
17. Pink - Get the Party Started
18. Nelly - # 1
19. No Doubt - Hey Baby
20. Jennifer Lopez - Ain’t it Funny
21. City High - Caramel
22. Enrique Iglesias - Hero
23. Alicia Keys - A Woman’s Worth
24. DJ’s at Work - Someday
25. Kate Ryan - Scream for More
26. Five for Fighting - Superman
27. P.Diddy - Diddy
28. Genuwine - Differences
29. Becca - Come and Get my Love
30. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
31. Britney Spears - I’m a Slave 4 U
32. Toya - I Do
33. Dr. Dre - Bad Intentions
34. Soul Decision - Here We Go
35. Craig David - 7 Days
36. Brandy Feat. Ray J - Another Day in Paradise
37. Swollen Members - Fuel Injected
38. Backstreet Boys - Drowning
39. Jessica Simpson - A Little Bit
40. 112 - Dance With Me

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Posted 01-02-02 - 08:06 AM
The GOOD songs:

Dj Encore, Ian Van Dahl, Shakira, Iio, Dj Sammy (from Netherlands), Sylver, Kate Ryan, Djs At Work

You don't wanna know our WANNADOO TOP 40 or our MEGA TOP 100 ... it's not that sad as this one ... but it is still very sad ...

See ya
2nd Reply
Registered User
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Posted 02-02-02 - 04:44 AM
I agree with you A.T.L, Those are all the good songs. This chart is from HITS 103.5 in Toronto. If you more than an hour North of Toronto you will not find any dance music. For me this station is aceptable as it plays lots of dance music. The problem is that it plays too much RMB, Hip Hop, Rap and Pop on it as well.
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Posted 02-02-02 - 10:06 PM
you can listen to a SWEDISH radio channel!!!

For the dutch SALE CHART you can check:
and for the "most wrong" chart from the Netherlands you can look at:

You can see at "MOST WRONG" that I don't like the TOP 40 ... this because they are not looking at the SALEs of a song ... they look more to how many it has been played on the radio!!!

How it goes here in the Netherlands ...
the biggest RADIO station ... RADIO 538 ...
is the one who is mostly saying if they wanna play a song or not ... if the won't ... then the song will not be RELEASED!!! ... that has happened with E-TYPE -- ES IST NIE VORBEI!!! Radio 538 (and The Music Factory --> TMF --> Tv channel with only music ... they are connected to eachoter) said that they didn't want to play the song!!! So it was not released here!

For more info ... about music. .. you can always mail me!
see ya later!
4th Reply

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Posted 15-02-02 - 03:16 PM
... just wanted to post some links - cause DJ Sammy doesn't seems to be from Netherland, at any way (as "someone" said and/or still thinks):


Anyway - I'm out :)

/// Stingbat
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Registered User

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Posted 16-02-02 - 08:21 AM
Remember the project LOONA?!
That was also from the Netherlands ... but with a bit promotion they made that they were from SPAIN or somewhere ...
(DJ SAMMY is the same as one from LOONA!)

Remember VENGABOYS?!
First year(s) they were saying that they were from a tropical island ... where were they from?!

see ya!
6th Reply

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Posted 17-02-02 - 03:18 PM
Talking about Vengaboys there's actually only ONE of the people in Vengaboys who actually comes from the Netherlands and that's Yorick! Kim comes from Brazil, Denice from Hungary and Roy from Spain!

It was the Dutch DJ's Danski and Delmundo who teamed up with the four above while partying at the infamous beachparties and THAT's why they are called a Dutch group now ... !

To come back to Loona ... DJ Sammy discovered her on Mallorca and he worked a bit with her under the pseudonym of Charisma (perhaps you know that?) ... Marie-José is however born in the Netherlands and feels completely Dutch but you ought to know by now, A.T.L., that just because a person is born in the country, doesn't make it a completely Dutch project ... exactly the same with the Vengaboys - just in opposite order ... this time it's the artist who's from the Netherlands, but the DJ behind the project who's from Germany!

So all in all ... I would say that Loona and the Vengaboys are mostly known in the Netherlands, but it's a multiple country project and not just a Dutch one! Please check that up before promoting the Netherlands too much, A.T.L.! I know you're proud of your country, but sometimes it can be a bit too much! Sorry to say that!

/// NetRoam
7th Reply
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Registered User

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Posted 17-02-02 - 11:30 PM
Hahahaha ... NETROAM ...
little bit sad to see that you don't know a thing from artists!

The story about them is just NOT REAL!
The real man who is the VENGABOY is Wessel Van Diepen ... he is the man behind the music!
The story of IBIZA etc. is all made by him and his co-producers!
DJ DANSKI AND DELMUNDO does not excist in reality
they are just made by the same WESSEL ...
The VENGABOYS are almost the same as NAKATOMI and several other artists/groups which looked like they were NOT from an "normal"european country!

They are NOT most known in Netherlands!
Anduh ... the music is most known in GERMANY ... so ... anduh ... by the way ... the project LOONA is Dutch ...
anduh ... the project DJ SAMMY FT DO with the song HEAVEN ... is also for the biggest % Dutch ...
so ........................

Maybe you need to learn more about artists like those before saying that I am wrong! THANX!
(did you know that DJ TIESTO, FERRY CORSTEN, DJ BOOZY WOOZY are Dutch?!)

see ya!

you know that I am not proud at the Netherlands!
so ... I am still a FRISIAN boy!!! thanx!

8th Reply

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Posted 18-02-02 - 01:35 AM
You just can't help yourself, huh A.T.L.???

Why can't you for once agree on parts of what I write instead of writing in a totally disagreeing way?

You're right though that Vengaboys was originally put together by Wessel van Diepen (or should we call him Delmundo?), but there was also one more person involved and that was Dennis van der Driesschen (and guess what? He was known as Danski) ... which all in all makes it Danski & Delmundo


And you know what? Don't accuse me of not knowing a thing about artists ... that's really low of you and you know it! OK, so we got to talk about some artists that are very well-known in the Netherlands, but how about we start talking about Danish artists then, huh? Should we talk about DJ Encore feat. Engelina, Safri Duo, Aqua, Daze, S.O.A.P., Toy-Box, Nagano All Stars or maybe Rollo & King ... I'm game! Just watch it!

/// NetRoam
9th Reply

Post: 29
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Posted 18-02-02 - 01:57 AM
"little bit sad to see that you don't know a thing from artists"... ahh - talking about yourself again?
Guess it's nice to have a conversation with yourself - cause most others and I really don't want to hear all your mouth-crap.

Have you not at all visited the URL's I sent you and all other? Cause if you had, you hadn't written what you just did. DJ Sammy is from Spain - actually born there, in Mallorca. Now he's moved to Germany.

About the Loona project (as you call it), I agree that Loona (the singer) is Dutch - but that's only THAT. But DJ Sammy, who was producer for Loona, wasn't Dutch at any time.

About Heaven... It's quite funny that it was released about 2-3 months later in the Netherlands than most others. And as we know by now, DJ Sammy is Spanish, but moved to Germany. Yanou is German too (Yann Peifer). As for Do, I currently have no idea. So that means that the Netherlands doesn't have such big "part" of this.

As for Vengaboys, you're right that a part of the entire thing, is from the Netherlands - Wessel van Diepen (as DJ Danski) and Dennis van der Driesschen (as DJ Delmundo). So that is just nicknames - that doesn't mean that they don't exist, right?! Cause then A.T.L. doesn't exist either (would be nice, cause it would mean that I didn't have to write this)! But as NetRoam said earlier, it's a multi-country-project - not only Dutch!

"Maybe you need to learn more about artists like those before saying that I am wrong! THANX!" - or maybe YOU do!

Anyway - to make a conclusion. Even though perhaps a part of the "group" (or whatever) is from the Netherlands, it doesn't MEAN that they completely are. And beside that it's pretty annoying to read all your accusations of other every time - no matter what they write. Please calm down a bit, and be "friendly" to other persons, okay?!

... anduh ... be good!

/// Stingbat
Co-webmaster & Site-programmer
10th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 129
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Posted 18-02-02 - 10:50 PM
You two don't know a thing about the way the DUTCH RECORD INDUSTRY works ...

LOONA + VENGABOYS are really dutch!
All the members of the band VENGABOYS are people from the Netherlands ...
and for you ... maybe you didn't know ...
but never asked by yourself if they are singing those songs by thereselfs?! Think about that ... !!!

Releases here in netherlands are mostly very late ... even if it is about DUTCH artists/projects!
Radio release of HEAVEN is several months ago
the female voice in HEAVEN is from a girl who her nickname is DO. ... YANOU is from Germany ...
DJ SAMMY is maybe from SPAIN ...
As far as I know ... the project is DUTCH ...

If it would be true ... that I don't know a thing about music ... then realise this:
How can someone who doesn't know a thing about music ... how can such a person knows which songs would reach the top and which won't?!
How can someone who doesn't know a thing about music ... how can such a person creates things ... and build respect by other musician???
Tell me ...
then we can talk further!

keep on smiling!
11th Reply

Post: 65
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Posted 18-02-02 - 11:39 PM
It's incredible how you're always so stubborn and wanting to be right in everything you write about! But sometimes you just have to give in ... you can't always be right!

1) It's a way too easy reply from you just to say that we don't know anything about the Dutch record industry! You have to do better than that!

2) I never said Loona wasn't Dutch, so stop the false accusations! I seriously doubt though that the Vengaboys originally are from the Netherlands ... they might live in the Netherlands now and perhaps "represent" your country with their music, but they sure aren't FROM there (Why would they then only speak English at their live-shows - ALSO at the Dutch shows?)

"but never asked by yourself if they are singing those songs by thereselfs?!" ... what on Earth do you mean by that btw.?

3) You ought to know that an artist from one's home country always releases their songs in that country first and afterwards send it to other countries. Why do you think, Heaven came to the Netherlands several months later than in Germany? Maybe because DJ Sammy releases his singles in Germany and there's nothing Dutch about him?

4) First of all ... anyone came make predictions on which songs will make it to the top or not ... it's just a question of knowing a bit about the charts to see what taste in music, Dutch or perhaps Danish people have ... and when a new single is released one can always guess how far it will go ... both you and me can do that ... nothing spectacular about that really, so don't make that a big deal!

I have absolutely no idea what kind of "music" you make and I don't know anything about the so-called respect you've earned from other musicians ... you can easily have made it all up to support your case here, but I'm not accusing you of that! Absolutely not!

All in all ... A.T.L. ... this is a question of being able to agree a bit instead of being incredibly stubborn and always wanting to have the last word and always be the one who's right! Give it up some times ... you're not perfect ... nobody is! So why can't you for once just take it easy and agree on some points instead of smacking us in the face because you disagree a bit!

That's it for me!

/// NetRoam
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