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Author Subject:  Favourite E-type songs ...

Post: 59
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Posted 13-02-02 - 09:10 PM // Updated 15-02-02 - 11:30 PM
Hey all!

I just thought I'd make something out of the suggestion I proposed in an earlier thread on this message board and that's to write a bit about my favourite E-type song!

I'd like everyone of you to reply to this mail with YOUR personal favourite E-type song and the reason why you think so! That way we can get some activity to this board :)


Anyway, my personal favourite song of E-type's is without a doubt --> Calling Your Name

Why? Because of the following:

1) It has the greatest melody ever in my opinion!
2) It's a very well-structured song!
3) Is has great lyrics that makes you think a lot!
4) The fact that it's not quite the same speed and the same style as other E-type songs like "Life", "Angels Crying" and "This Is The Way" makes it even more special for me!
5) The song doesn't get any worse when 2 of Sweden's best singers in my opinion do the backing vocals on this. These singers are Nana Hedin (of course) and Jessica Folker!
6) And it doesn't hurt to have a nice musicvideo that makes you think even more!

Can't quite figure out more to say about this song at this moment, but I will edit this message if I find more to say!


I'm looking forward to hear about other fans' favourite E-type songs! Take care!

/// NetRoam
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Registered User
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Posted 15-02-02 - 10:13 PM
Hey this is matt fro Canada. You ask a really hard question Netroam, as he has so many great hits.

Personally I think that Time is my all time favorite E-Type. I am not sure if it is just because it is new but at least for now it is.

The song is full of definerent elements:

1) Love the slow instrumental start sets E-Type aside form other artists.

2) Love the beat. It's fast and definately gets you on the dance floor.

3) Na Na vocals are very powerful and energetic.

4) Love the electric guitar riff near the end adds energy.

5) The lyrics themselves are very well written

6) E-Type's voice is fast and awsome as always
2nd Reply
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Posted 16-02-02 - 12:19 AM

Well this is really hard question, but I gotta say that "Here I go again" is my all time fovorite!!
This is the first e-type song I've heard...
I really love the melody first of all, I love the way Na NA sings the chorus, and the melody after the chorus, and the beat is awsome... it's just Classic!

3rd Reply
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Posted 16-02-02 - 04:11 PM
Hello everybody!
Maybe it's time for me to say something on this Message-board.

I don't know if it's something wrong with me, but I just can't pick 1 favourite song. But I think I can pick out 2-3

* This is the way
It's E-type's first and best dance-song ever! It's a lot of drums and bass in it - I like it!

* Set the world on fire
Same as This is the way, a lot of bass and great lyrics!

* Life
When E-type has been silent for almost a year I think every single is good, but when I first heard Life I was thinking "E-type is back, and this time he's gonna stay 4 Ever"

Hope that was ok =)
I like every song but these are some of my real favourites!

Best regards,

/// Chrissan
Swedish Assistant and Translator
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