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Author Subject:  About Canada & Olypics
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Post: 13
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Posted 26-02-02 - 05:54 AM
K I'm not sure exactlly what the previous message was gearing towards but I feel some things just have to be explained from my point of view as a Canadian.

Canada won the Gold medal in hockey, for both the men and women, fairly. I don't see how you can say any different. Hockey is the one sport in the Winter Olypics that dosen't use judges to consider the winner. It goes by goals. I hope you can explain why you would not think so. Mabey unfiar penalties but that was not the case.

As far as the figure skateing I feel really sympathetic for the Russians. I did watch the skateing that night on TV and here's what I saw. The Rssians were in no doubt in my mind not as good as the Canadians. The Canadians skate was flawless except for when they fell after they were done. The Russians made at least three stumbles/falls that I can remember and I have seen it many times in replays. I think Canada should of got the Gold in the first place as most of North America and the world agress with me. Since that did not happen I'm glad of the outcome, as they did not take the Gold away from Russia, that would just be wrong. It was not the skaters falt but the French judge. She even admitted that she was persuaded/pressured to vote for Russia and had bias.

I think Russia has been very childish in this whole situation by threating to pull out all there athletes from the games. They weren't being a threat to anyone but themselves. It would just mean that the countries behind would move up the standings and they would be glad. Noone would go crying to Russia to come back to the Olypics.

I welcome any comments as long as they are unbias and rational. One thing I really want to stress. In no way is anything that happened in the Oylmpics the athletes falt. It was all about politics and future games should not have to suffer. I also think that both the Russian and Canadian skaters handleded the stituation very well.

Peace! Can't wait only 2 years till the summer oylpics!!
1st Reply
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Post: 14
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Posted 26-02-02 - 06:00 AM
I apologize, I may have read the previous message wrongly and I thought the message was a dig at the Canadians not winning the medals fairly and I went off on a rant.

Everything I said above is still true though. I'd apprerciate any comments!
2nd Reply
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Post: 55
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Posted 27-02-02 - 04:57 AM
Okay, at first, I didn't write the thing I posted myself, it was posted on one russian forum, but I thought it was funny.
I agree with you on the point of hockey.
As for the figure skating I must disagree with you. I was figure skating myself when I was young and know all the rules. Yes, technicaly Canadians were flawless. However, I would give them 4.0 for the artistic marks. That was their weak point. Russian coulple's stumbling doesn't get them as much deductions as Canadian's absense of artistic performance. Canadians deserve only 2nd place.
And as for Russian federation being foolish, you got it soooo wrong. I think that Russians were foolish not to go away. The threat was real, but Russian Congress ordered them to stay. Previously in history, Russians already boycotted American Olympics, and Americans in their turn boycotted Olympics in Russia, and as you see, nobody left forever.
You see, you watched only what Canada showed you, Americans saw only what USA showed them, and it wasn't much. On Russian TV they showed Olimpics almost 24/7. The problem was not only in figure skating but in other sports as well, and what angered me most was rude and mean attitude of American commentators (or how you call those who comment any game) towards Russians. They hosted the show as though there were only Russians and Americans in the games. How would you react to such comments as, " Yeah, we will avenge Russians for all the years they won gold! Here Americans are competing against russians. I heard that all Russian women have hair on their asses as dogs do." I can't remember everything, but it was pretty mean.
And unjust judging was not only in Figure skating and not only toward russians. Remember short track skating? all Apolo's medals are dirty. Korean athlete didn't block him, Apolo played it out. As for the second medal, Apolo pushed one of the athletes the same way he pushed Japanese guy in semi finals. But it was before Koreans protested, so he got out clean. The second time Americans just had to disqualify him.
Comming back to figure skating. Undoubtedly, Sarah skated flawlessly (however she wasn't artistic at all). Irina Slutskaya stumbled once. Yet, she did the same mistake Yagudin did and he got 5.9-6.0. and what they gave her? 5.6, 5.7, 5.8? that's not fair! she skated much better. Also, on the short programm, Irina deserved the first place but not Michelle Kwan. And if you count it, Irine deserved the 1st place, not Sarah who was on the 4th place after the short programm. And it's not only my oppinion, I even talked to my coach who was also a judge for a number of years and he thinks the same. He even sat down, watched the tape and counted everything.
So, now maybe you understand what I mean.
And also, next time you watch figure skating don't forget about artistic marks, because they are not for nothing in this sprot.
Take care, Olga.
PS: If we talked earlier I would've have more points to make, but since I'm tired of this topic and mostly glad that Olympics are now closed, I gave just a few :-) And sorry for mistakes, I was in a rush.
3rd Reply
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Post: 15
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Posted 27-02-02 - 07:17 AM
You explained alot and I can kinda see your point but there is more to it then marks. As I mentioned before the French judge was pressured by other countries to vote for the Russians. I am not just saying this she even admitted to doing this. This would account for the better technical marks than Canada. As I say it was politics as countries said you vote for me we, will vote for you. The French judge was in turn fierd and that was the only reason Canada did actually get a gold medal after the fact.

Figure skateing is not the only sport that was currupted by judgeing. In the past Skiing has been currpted as well. The only reason this got publicity is because of the public outrage after Canadians only got in 2nd. This happened in Canada, USA and Europe as well. So it was not just the Canadains Crying.

As far as your comments about the Amercian announcers I can't really comment. In Canada we had three channels that covered it Live on TV, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), TSN (The Sports Network, also Canadian) and NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation, which is American.) I was watching it on CBC, so they were Canadian announcers.
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