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Author Subject:  Does Anyone know of Joee?
Registered User
Post: 16
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Posted 07-03-02 - 02:26 AM
Joee has released a new song and it absolutely amazing. He is from Vaugn Canada which is just north of Toronto.

If you haven't heard of Joee I suggest you download his music. His best songs are:

I don't believe in you
Feel It In The Air
Almost Suicide

They are done in Euro style as well
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 21
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Posted 07-03-02 - 10:19 AM
I know him!!!

It's been awile since he released something... his is awsome!! My favorite is defenatly Almost Suicide and Feel It In The Air and Died In Your Arms and Feel In The Air.. there is so many..
I love your taste in music mondano!

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Registered User

Post: 145
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Posted 07-03-02 - 11:53 AM
Eeuh ... don't wanna be irritating or something ...

but the melody of ANGEL for a big part stolen!!!
guess from a song called THIS IS YOUR NIGHT ...
The sound is typical music from the early 90's ... so here in the Netherlands there's not many interest in anymore ...

FEEL IT IN THE AIR sounds also very familar
ARIBA sounds completely different!!!
ALMOST SUICE sounds also very familar ...
I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU the beginning sounds the same as a song where I don't know the title and artist from ... at this moment ...

Is the song DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT orriginal from JOEE or not?! I don't know it ... so please tell me!

I can be wrong ofcourse ...
But I recognise for sure in songs "stolen" pieces ... and those pieces are not just little parts ... example:
1) INTRO of I Don't Believe In You
2) Biggest part of ANGEL is the same as THIS IS YOUR NIGHT

Maybe the songs of JOEE we're the orriginals ...
but I cannot find information about him ...
Only that the songs are from 1997 and later ...
but I don't know if he has released songs BEFORE 1997 ...

anyway ...
songs sounds good ... (which I've heard)
only music is quite not that popular here in the Netherlands

see ya
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 17
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Posted 08-03-02 - 10:07 PM
Yha "I just died in your arms" is Joee but he wasn't just Joee back then. Back then he was with a group called Intonation which featured Joee. He left them back in the early to mid 90's. Since then he has had many hits on his own as I had metioned.

Thanks for your great compliment Natasha. I think I have good tatse in music as well but in Canada my taste in music isn't that popular if you leave the Toronto area.

A.T.L Angel is not stolen at all. I know the song you are talking about (I think) although I can't remeber the name of the girl who sings it. I'm pretty sure she's Canadian as well. You also have to remeber that dance music does sound very similar to each other, but it dosn't mean it's stolen.
4th Reply
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Post: 146
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Posted 09-03-02 - 01:39 PM
I heard how he was singing in ANGEL ...
I immediately started to sign the other song ....
THIS IS YOUR NIGHT ... TOGETHER FOREVER ... THIS IS YOUR NIGHT ... it does match sooooooo perfectly!!! (AMBER was the one who was singing that song!)

but ... DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT has been quite many times on the radio here ... and (I don't like to say that) I didn't know from who it was!!!

See ya
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