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Author Subject:  about BANCA BANCA
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Registered User

Post: 186
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Posted 06-06-02 - 02:12 PM
Hello there ...

Once again I wanna discuss what you people think about the new single ...
I really think that it is the worst single E-TYPE released (know this one still has to be released :P) ...
even BELIEVE IN ME and the other very very early songs are much better then this RICKY MARTIN/SPICE GIRLS sounding song ...

I know that BANCA BANCA can be a huge summer hit ... but please ... this song is (in my eyes) not a song which E-TYPE should make ...

Please let me know people ... what do you think!!!

Something else ...
When we look at the way E-TYPE is releasing the songs of EURO IV EVER ... then we can all make the guess that the song ARABIAN STAR will be the next single after BANCA BANCA ...
But ... aint there a change that WE ... the fans ... WE ... on can make the decission which song needs to be the next single ???

I will vote for more then 100000000000% on

also LONELINESS -- RING THE ALARM is a great song to release on single ... especially when you realize that a song as SO DEM A COM was a (little) hit in France ...

Let me know what YOU think about those things
(ow man ... guess I need to make a site where we can discuss al those kind of things :D)

talk to you later people!!!
keep on smiling
1st Reply

Post: 152
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Posted 06-06-02 - 11:19 PM
Dear ATL,

I will try to remember your thoughts as/if I will get to talk with E-type in the near future.

I am sure he will appreciate your opinion.

I myself agree that Banca Banca ain't really the best song on the album, but I am happy that E-type has the courage to do something else than what people might be expecting. Even though I love his music, it would still be boring if every song would follow the gsame pattern and sound the same. I am sure that is also for the people that are not yet fans.

Sure we can vote which song we would most like to have as the next single, but I don't think the recordcompany or E-type would give a s*** on the result...

sorry if my words hurt someone, that is not the meaning. If something like that occurs, I can remove this message, ok??

Reporter & Assistant
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 26
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Posted 07-06-02 - 07:02 AM
I totally agree with ATL. E-Type is not making the right move by releaseing "Banca Banca" next. Sure I do LOVE the song but it is definately not the type of song that creates new fans for his type of music. Here in Canada the people loved "Life" and it peaked at number 4. The next single should be either "Time" or "When I Close My Eyes." I fear that E-Type will have no more songs in Canada because Canadians will forget about him like they did after "Here I Go Again" was released. "Banca Banca" is more like a good filler on the album.

As I said "Time" or "When I Close My Eyes" would be the smartest move in releaseing. This is just my opinion though.
3rd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 187
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Posted 07-06-02 - 02:03 PM
Thanks to some kind of research which I have done here in my town ... and on school ... (I let people hear some E-TYPE songs) ... then I came to the conclusion that the people here like the most:
3) AFRICA (album version!!! not single version!!!)

also people like LONELINESS - RING THE ALARM cause it is something which we haven't heared for years (then I mention at same kind of song of HERBIE (right type of mood) ...)

I am 100% that WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES would be the biggest hit for E-TYPE here in the Netherlands ...
Okej ... it cannot come that high as CAMPIONE did ...
cause then E-TYPE need to pay radio stations etc to play the song extra etc etc ... ... or it need to be released as SOUNDTRACK for a movie or something like that ... but a TOP 20 (which E-TYPE only reached with CAMPIONE ... #3!!!) is a thing which is sure for WICMY!!! ... BANCA BANCA will not reach the charts here ...

Guess the record company DOES matters what we think! And as E-TYPE said once ... he will stop as soon as people dont like his music anymore ...
so ... when BANCA BANCA will not be a hit ... shall we need to wave goodbye then to E-TYPE ???
Guess he listens to us ... the fans ... he cares about them (remember the performance like NRJ RADIO AWARDS etc etc) ...

So MYRA ... guess they both do care ...
anyway ...
Hope there will come more reactions!!!

And ... NetRoam:
How shall we create an other "end" on WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES ??? hehehehehe ...
In my eyes it STILL can stay like it is :D

see ya!
4th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 90
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Posted 07-06-02 - 04:38 PM
I don't agree... Banca Banca is a very good song, and the reason that they are releasing it now is probably because after Life and the single version of Africa, they want to do something different... but not Loneliness, which is too different to the extent that an unbeliever ;) listening to it on the radio won't recognise it as an E-type song. Banca Banca is the perfect song to be released in the beginning of summer and to support the tour.

Anyway, I think there are professionals in SR that know much more about promotion than we do ;) you gotta remember, the album is released for the old fans while the singles are released to get new ones.
5th Reply

Post: 101
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Posted 07-06-02 - 05:07 PM
Besides ... we have never seen E-type release 3 dance-songs in a row from the same album.

On Made in Sweden, he released Set The World On Fire, This Is The Way and then Do You Always´.

On The Explorer he released Free Like A Flying Demon (which wasn't the same kind of dance-song as we know), Calling Your Name (this is not a fast dance-song either), Back In The Loop and afterwards I Just Wanna Be With You.

On Last Man Standing it was Angels Crying, Here I Go Again and Princess of Egypt (being the slow one)

And then he continues the pattern on Euro IV Ever with Life, Africa and Banca Banca.

Obviously there must have been some promotion people out there who would think that people will lose interest in E-type, if he kept releasing the same style of songs (eurodance-songs) which is why a slow song is released ... that also gives the fans (both new and old ones) a taste of the versatility E-type contains ... if E-type were only to release dance-songs people would think that he's just an artist who writes dance/computer music, but if they hear a song like Banca Banca, they would stop, listen, and find the song pleasant which will be a big plus, I think.

In other words ... It wouldn't be smart to release neither Time nor When I Close My Eyes this time - especially when approaching summer ... Banca Banca is much more suited for this time of the year ... and that is also a thing, they have to think about when deciding which songs to release. Think of the beach-parties around the world jamming to When I Close My Eyes? I don't see the right picture in that ... however I do see them jam along to Banca Banca instead!

But A.T.L. ... you keep saying that Banca Banca is a bad song and you're entitled to have your own opinion, of course ... but you're too narrow-minded ... you only think about what will be a hit in the Netherlands and not worldwide - Scandinavia included ... I - for one - don't think another dance-song will be a hit for E-type in Denmark because people immediately would judge him for being too one-sided ... if you know what I mean!

So ... that's what I had on my mind ... comments are welcome :)

/// NetRoam
6th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 188
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Posted 07-06-02 - 06:16 PM
Nope ... what you say is not for whole EUROPE Morten ... here in the Netherlands he released 3 dance songs in a row ... never heard about him till 1998 ... and released 2 dance songs ... heard for 2 years nothing about him ... released a dance song ... and he dissapeared:

talking about:
1) This Is The Way (1994)
2) Set THe World On FIre (1995)
3) Russian Lullaby (1995)
4) Angels Crying (1998)
5) here I go again (1999)
6) Campione (2000)

See ya
7th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 189
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Posted 07-06-02 - 06:37 PM
eeeuh ... it was 1,5 years between HERE I GO AGAIN and CAMPIONE 2000 ... but I thought 2 years sounded much better :P
8th Reply

Post: 102
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Posted 07-06-02 - 07:04 PM
When did I say anything about Europe, A.T.L.???

Can't you see that I wrote my message based on the actual release-dates which we have on this website? That of course means the release-dates for Scandinavia which is also E-type's main market! Or did it slip your mind?
9th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 190
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Posted 08-06-02 - 10:50 AM
Hey all

Ofcourse I know that the "biggest-public" for E-TYPE is in Scandinavia ... but that has a reason ... maybe more then one reason!
Thats why I am thinking in another way then you!

Check MONDANO his message ... he says that a song like LIFE is such a huge hit ... so why would I think only for the Netherlands?! I am thinking for more then such a ****** country as the Netherlands!
And I know what the people like here ... and I know how many record companies are "handling" ... and I know how the radio stations "choosing" the songs ...
etc etc etc ...

Most artists try to release the songs which will be the most wanted ... guess thats very usual ...
Thats why I dont see the reason to release BANCA BANCA ... And I am sure many people do agree with me that BANCA BANCA is not one of E-TYPE his best songs ... (I am still guessing E-TYPE his best song is WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN ....)
Look at what happened with the song AFRICA!!!
IT didnt reach higher then a 5th place (sale charts) ... then it "crashed" down ... again a few places higher ... and I guess it will be deleted from the sale-charts within 2 weeks ...
LIFE entered number 1 ... stayed there in total +/- 4 or 5 weeks (in the 2nd week on #2 thanks to MARKOOLIO with ROCKA PA)
Africa radio edit was such a great remix ... but couldnt reach the top ... I mean the HIGHEST 3 positions ...
Okej ... as you would say then ... WHAT DOES THAT MATTERS ??? It matters for the sale of the single ofcourse ... but E-TYPE is allready well-known enough over there ...
But dont keep on thinking only in SCANDINAVIA ...
In Germany for example ... songs like SCOOTER with NESSAJA reach the #1 position ...
Here in the Netherlands we do have a kind of "war" at the top ... between RAP/RNB, DANCE and POP(Brainpower, Dj Tiesto/Kate Ryan, Ronan Keating)
E-Type hasn't been seen for 2 years now in our lists!
I know its not E-TYPE his fault ... I still remember the reaction of the (WORST!!!) record company ... EDEL ... which wouldnt release the song together with BLUMCHEN here because RADIO 538 didnt want to play the songbecause of there were GERMAN parts in the song ...

All in all (guess it is a mess up here, what I wrote then :D)
Here (and also in countries as Germany and Canada) people want to hear DANCE ... not songs like BANCA BANCA ... guess also the music is out of date of BANCA BANCA ...

shit ... wanna write much more ...
but need to leave cause I wanna go to the sportcentrum :)


keep on smiling people ...
(and the world will smile with you :))
10th Reply

Post: 153
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Posted 08-06-02 - 11:45 AM
what if we would wait and see what happens as the single is released???

And then talk about it's success...?? I mean, no matter how much you follow the charts and no matter how much you think you know, you can't know the future.

And ATL... has ANY E-type song been a REAL hit in Holland? (honestly I think Campione was hit only because of UEFA-cup...)

Reporter & Assistant
11th Reply

Post: 103
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Posted 08-06-02 - 03:58 PM
I would also like to say something ...

It's been said that Life was a bigger hit than Africa ... sure, that's correct ... Life was E-type's first single from Euro IV Ever and the first single to be released in 1 - 2 years ... this, of course, is a huge thing in Sweden, because E-type is considered to be a big artist there ... so of course every new thing E-type releases has a great impact in Sweden. BUT - 2nd single is _always_ the toughest single to release thinking of the fact that it has to have the same success as the 1st one ... and with the great success Life had in Sweden, I think it's basically impossible to get as much attention to Africa as Life had ... it was a success with high positions on the chart, but one can't expect it to have the same impact at all!

>> so why would I think only for the Netherlands?!

Well, for starters ... that's the only country you mentioned in your message meaning I would, of course, believe you only think about that. One thing is for certain though ... not every music-market has the same taste in music ... Scandinavia might like Banca Banca for it's unique style and Netherlands or the rest of Europe for that matter might think that it's a dull song. So what? Point is that it's a song that fits to the point in time, and that it wouldn't be suitable for E-type to release yet another dance-song ... you're the one you thinks about the charts all the time - another dance-song will result in a lower position on the charts in my opinion (Life was #1, Africa was #5 - remember?), while another style of music might surprise everyone.

And you're not right about the "people wanna hear dance" accusation ... the charts nowadays contain pop-songs, rock-songs like Linkin Park, Nickelback and such - and almost no dance-songs - at least here in Denmark. Our viewer's chart right now contains Eminem, A-ha, Pink, Anastacia and Ronan Keating in the top 10s ... is that dance-music they make?

Anyway, that's it for now!

/// NetRoam
12th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 191
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Posted 09-06-02 - 00:03 AM
Just a short reaction before I will go dancing :P

Reaction on MYRA
I dont know what you call a hit ...
But none (except CAMPIONE) of E-TYPE his songs reached the TOP 40 ...
the TOP 40 is then also the worst (and its the hitlist which has sooooooo many influence from RADIO 538!) ...
In the MEGA TOP 50 (now MEGA TOP 100) (really based on SALE!!!) E-Type reached with THIS IS THE WAY the 26th (I believe) position ...
But the songs THIS IS THE WAY and HERE I GO AGAIN were very loved by very much people!!!
This Is The Way reached #3 in Dance Charts
Set The World On FIre #6
and Russian Lullaby #6 too ...
so ...

Keep on smiling
13th Reply
Registered User
Post: 10
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Posted 10-06-02 - 08:51 AM
hello all,

first of all, ATL, will you please not put the netherlands in a bad light,
firstly we are working hard for a dutch release, so please be patient, it is still no time yet to release stuff. about Banca Banca, saturday i had "Lauren" in the studio (in holland famous with her hit: O-ayo and her new one "Sex me up", she likes Banca Banca very much, infact, she maybe wants to do it herself on her live shows, it is a great summer feel, and people in holland definitly wants this kind of music, says Lauren. so please. Banca Banca is not really an "E-type trademarked" song, but it is still E-type. so let's enjoy the summer with this song.
14th Reply
Registered User
Post: 80
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Posted 10-06-02 - 12:39 AM // Updated 10-06-02 - 12:40 AM

Last year when Swedish croneprincess Victoria had her birhtday E-type performed with "Banca Banca", and it was the first time the song was played since Euro IV Ever hadn't been released yet.
Since it was the first time it were played I listen to it really hard and have to say that it is a great song and is really nice to hear and see in a live performance.
Sure it doesn't sound like "the real E-type" we are used to listen to but an artist have to change their singles to see what people would like to hear. I think that "Banca Banca" will do the charts like "Africa" does... not that good as "Life" but Africa is good accourding to people.

Remember that the taste for songs are individuell so no one should be "blamed" for not supporting Banca banca as new single... And also don't forgett that different countries thinks different about songs... just look at the Eurovision song contest. And also don't forget (as earlier said) that E-type is mainly releasing in Scandinavia, maybe because we like this kind of music.

Now it's just to wait and see what people think about it. I think it's correct by E-type and SR to release this kind of different single as we are used to.

(sorry if this reply is a bit strange, it's warm and I'm tired *s*)

Swedish assistant and translator
15th Reply
Registered User
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Posted 10-06-02 - 08:10 PM
Well i don't come here that often but i am also from the netherlands.

And I don't think e-type should focus on the netherlands. It is not a good marked for his kind of music. (with that i mean same sort of music like dj bobo new single, mental theo starts 2002, etc don't sell very well, but do great in germany)
There's no reason why Banca Banca would do so mutch worse then for example life.
I also asked some dutch people and they did like Banca Banca, but did found life better, but africa worse.

Any idea when the album/single will be released in the netherlands?
16th Reply
Registered User
Post: 72
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Posted 11-06-02 - 11:11 AM // Updated 11-06-02 - 11:11 AM
If somebody wants to know my opinion I'd like the new single to be 'When I Close My Eyes' or 'Time' (the first would be better). But our opinion is only our humble opinion- E-type's free to decide. But still I think Myra was right saying it would be cool if people discovered something new about E-type. Why not?
17th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 192
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Posted 11-06-02 - 02:15 PM

For the others:
E-TYPE and DJ BOBO and SCOOTER and I can go on with a lot of other artist names ... cannot be released without a lot of promotion and a "green sign" of the radio station RADIO 538 and TV channel TMF ...

Danny -> I am not putting NETHERLANDS in a bad light ... you know even good as me that there is sooooooo much wrong with the music industry here ... I mean the way people are getting famous with some songs (remember for example K-OTIC, JANTJE SMIT ... and more ???)

For people who don't know LAUREN:
Lauren is a very sexy girl :D
her own hit was only played several times on the radio ... and she had as highest position number 41 ... (talking about O-AYO -> O-AYO is an INDIAN sound when they were horny/wanted to have s*x!!)

I did some research as I said ... most people DISLIKE Banca Banca on the album ...
My favourite song was not the song which the most people like the most ... most people do like
AFRICA (Album version), LIFE & also LONELINESS ...
WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES is also quite favourite when I ask people ... but mostly people say LIFE and AFRICA first ...
I will keep on doing research in this ...

I never said that it is a VERY BAD song ... but it is the WORST SONG on Euro IV Ever ... in my eyes ...
Just like on MADE IN SWEDEN I don't like SET THE WORLD UNPLUGGED (that much as the other songs)and on THE EXPLORER I dont like FOREVER WILD that much and on LAST MAN STANDING ... ANGELS COUNTRY ... as you can see I dont like all songs on all albums ... okej ... I wanna say that the songs which I say here are not songs which I am never playing ... the same for BANCA BANCA ...
But I just dont like them that much as for example WILL I SEE YOU AGAIN, CALLING YOUR NAME, SO FAR AWAY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES ...
Hope people can immagine this ...
On every CD there are songs which people prever more then the others on that cd ...
or am I wrong ??????????????

Keep on smiling
gotta work again :D
See ya
18th Reply

Post: 105
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Posted 11-06-02 - 03:13 PM
In a way, you have indirectly said that Banca Banca is a bad song! Remember your post on November 13th, 2001 after you heard the song for the first time? If not, I'll refresh your memory:

You thought that it was a disappointment and completely not what you expected. It's a vacation song but to be honest - you didn't like what you heard. After listening to Banca banca, you like Campione more - which until that moment was the worst song on the album in your opinion (read the thread called "Aaaaafrica" in the archives messages).

Just thought I'd say that!

But you're right in one thing though. It's very difficult to make an album where all songs are great in the listener's ears, so of course there will be a song or two which isn't heard much. It's like that for every CD and for every artist, I think!

/// NetRoam
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