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Author Subject:  E-Type's past hits Canada!!
Registered User
Post: 29
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Posted 17-06-02 - 06:12 AM
Once Again E-Type is getting more radio play in Canada with a new song. This one isn't new really but Campioni 2000 is being played because of the massive soccer mood in Canada right now. When it came out Canadians in general had no clue who E-Type was, because of Stockholm Records' crappy promotion effort. Now Campioni 2000 is back on the seen with all the other soccer songs hitting the dance floors.

As you may or may not know over half of Canada's population is European. I'm British for example. E-Type has an awsome chance to do really well here, all that's missing is good promotion. If you ask me I think he needs to find a new record company or push harder himself to reveal himself to the whole world like other artists did like Alice Deejay, Vanga Boys, Sash! and 2 Unlimited just to name a few.
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Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 95
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Posted 17-06-02 - 04:31 PM
"As you may or may not know over half of Canada's population is European."

Lol... does that mean that the rest are Indians?
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 30
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Posted 17-06-02 - 09:00 PM
What I mean't form that is that Canada is a multi-cutural society much like the rest of the world. This includes many pakies, Chinese, idians yes, africans etc. that all come to Canada for a better life style or other reasons. It was just an honest comment.
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