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Author Subject:  Realistic part 2
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Posted 19-07-02 - 02:35 PM
Because the previous part was far away from where I was talking about ... here a 2nd part!

There are several reasons for the "no-succes" around BANCA BANCA!
The most important reason is that there is NO video-clip for this song at the moment!
I know that the song is now back on its entry position
(# 32) ... but its still far away from a huge hit ...
On POWERHITRADIO they are still playing AFRICA ...
AFRICA is in my eyes still very populair in Sweden ...

Banca Banca has not THE summer rythem as it needs to have ... as you know I was not optimistic from the start ... thats because I mostly feel what will do good in the music industry and what not ...
Mostly I am right ...
Not to show myself here as a "ALWAYS RIGHT PERSON"... but justas information I said this about my music-feeling ...

I will continue this when I will be at home again!
(am now working ... oh oh!)

Keep onsmiling!
1st Reply
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Post: 24
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Posted 20-07-02 - 11:13 AM // Updated 20-07-02 - 11:15 AM
I think that you are wrong, Arjen,

A song´s succés is NOT depended on it having a video-clip! It can do on it´s own! If the song gets succés it´s because the song is good - it has rhytm, beat and lyrics that "talk" to people! Sometimes - even though the song is bad - it get succés because of the artist that has done the song.
I don´t care weather or not there´s a video to a song, ´cause if I like the song, a video is only a bonus and shows what the artist had in mind and what he was thinking about when writing the lyrics.

Why "Banca Banca" hasn´t become a succés is a big question for me. I think that the single has got everything it needs to become a hit and I really love it! And even though E-type is "God" in Sweden it hasn´t helped on "Banca Banca"´s popularity. It´s a big shame!!

I think that the single was right but the time for it´s release was obviously very wrong!

What makes you, Arjen, so sure that "When I Close My Eyes" would have more succés??
2nd Reply
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Posted 21-07-02 - 08:03 PM
I agree with A.T.L. Banca banca is a great song but E-Type is more successful by his fast-paced euro/trance slammming songs. There is a reason E-Type called his CD Euro4Ever. Because that is what he is the best at and know for. Yes Banca Banca is a great song but only to E-Type lovers. To the general public he needs to be showcaseing his more euro based songs to get them interested. Banca Banca as I have said before is a filler song on the album. (Although I like it alot.)

Two things E-Type needs to realize is he wants to be even more successful:

1) Promote world wide as many other artists do. This is his greatest flaw.
2) Stick to releasing the slamming euro tracks, but still include the others on the album as bonuses.

3rd Reply
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Posted 21-07-02 - 11:53 PM
I am right when I say things about a video clip!
The "sale-charts" depends on how many copies are being saled ... (thats logical) ...
A video-clip is the promotion of the song ...
When there is no video clip of a song ... people will be less interested in a song ...
Its not just an idea in my head ... it has been prooved, most of the songs without video-clip have less succes!
I can give an example of Frisians most famous group called DE KAST ...
They made the song ELTSE GRINS FOARBY ... and released it BEFORE they recorded the video clip! That because the video clip would be shot on the biggest "in the air-concert - of Europe" here in Lemmer.
The song went down in the 3rd week, cause there was no video ... when the video clip was recorded ... the song was shooting through the hitlist ... (the sale chart -> MEGA TOP 100)

Dont you remember the video of HOLD YOUR HORSES singel ??? Ofcourse you dont ... cause there was no video of that song! And what was the result of the sales of that song ??? It was bad ... the song came not higher then a 26th place ...
The reason could not be that the song was bad ... cause most of the people will agree with me that HOLD YOUR HORSES was a good song!

Anyway ... a video clip has got influence on the sale results ... only when its a song which remains of a special happening ... something like the death of Princess Diane ... then it can be that a song DONT needs to have a video to reach the top of the charts.

later on more ...

sleep well people
4th Reply
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Post: 25
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Posted 23-07-02 - 04:30 PM // Updated 23-07-02 - 04:34 PM
There´s no doubt that E-type makes music for Europe only and neither is there any doubt that if he wants to be known world-wide then he has a lot of promotion to do.

E-type obviously think very differently than the rest of us do since he has chosen to release various type of songs from his albums as singles. He doesn´t only take the fast and "slamming" ones that - in many fans´eyes - would do well in the charts and discotheques.

The release of "Banca Banca" has now been discussed over and over again by us fans, but the song obviously means something to E-type or else he would have chosen another song to release! That it hasn´t become that chart-crawling hit as I had hope, is just too bad!

But to blame it on the fact that there´s no video-clip (yet) to the single it just nonsenses to me! As I´ve written before, if the song has got "that thing" it will become a hit - with or without a video-clip!

When you hear a song at the discotheque or on the radio you might not pay much attention to it, but when it suddently appears on tv as a video-clip then you "see" the song. That´s why some people think that it´s ONLY because of the video-clip that the song has climbed the charts. It´s not - the song is allready popular but it doesn´t show in the sales charts. Then sometimes a video-clip can be a kickstarter and therefore helpfull to a song´s more visual succés.

"Hold Your Horses" didn´t become a hit to other than E-type fans! Because it was an E-type song and we´re used to his type of music - we liked it! But to non-E-type fans the song was weird, sounded strange and was put together in a odd way. I already knew that it wouldn´t become a succés when it was released as single, so I bought it only because it was an E-type song! I´m pretty sure others did that too.

Well, anyway, I´d like E-type to make a video-clip to "Banca Banca" to see what it would do to it´s succés. Would it then climb the charts or ...

5th Reply
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Posted 29-07-02 - 05:49 PM
No nonsense about video clip ...
Do you think I am just shouting it because HYH and BB are not reaching the top and I blame it to a video only?!
I said that it IS a real reason ... but is not the only reason ofcourse!!!
ANd it is true that a song without video is reaching LOWER positions!!!

Another reason is also the summer period!!!
In the summer there are less cd's/cdsingles solld
then in the autumn/winter! That has been prooven!

So ...

See ya
6th Reply
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Post: 26
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Posted 29-07-02 - 07:44 PM
you are babbling!!

You keep on saying that it has been proven that a song "only" will have succés if it´s supported by a video-clip and without a video-clip it will reach a much lower position than a song with a video-clip - who made a survey about that? Where can I find information about that??

I don´t wanna repeat myself but only say that other people that I´ve spoken with agree with me; A video-clip is not the key to succés for a song - there´s a lot more to it than that!!
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