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Author Subject:  E-Type Sells Out?
Registered User
Post: 52
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Posted 12-10-02 - 07:44 AM
I have mixed reactions about this new project of E-Type's. First of all I do congradulate E-Type for trying to make an impression on the American charts. I am actually very surprised that he is makeing more music so quickly as he took his time on the last album (although very well deserved).

As far as the country/disco music I have no idea what it would sound like. I don't think E-Type should change his style of music just to please North Americans. I think his main problem right now is not his style but his LACK of promotion and care for his fans world wide, although he is getting better.

If he does change his style to country to please his fans then he is no more respectable than Britny Spears (K that's a bit rough, but you get my point). Selling out just to make more sales. He does not need to change his style he just needs better promotional efforts. Many Euro artist have shown in the past that it is very possible to be successful in North America. Real McCoy, Aqua, J.K., 2 Unlimited, Ian Van Dahl, Alice Deejay, Venga Boys, DJ Sammy.... The list goes on and on.

I do wish E-Type luck and I will still be a fan but I think he nailed his true style on E4E and should stick with that. As the saying goes "If it ain't broken it don't need fixing."
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Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 188
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Posted 12-10-02 - 09:08 AM
IMO he should go ahead and see if he can do something for North America, but the point is, his main fan base is in it for the kind of music he does now. So he shouldn't turn around completely, but rather do two things in parralel. He can do commercial stuff to justify SR's expenses, but he has to remember to do the really good stuff too :)

As for doing it so quickly... no offence to the North Europeans present, but the musical tastes out there seem to be very much within a groove. So with the production potential of Max Martin and the crew, it wouldn't take all that much time and effort to come up with something sure to succeed.
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