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Author Subject:  Don't be selvish!!
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Post: 53
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Posted 12-10-02 - 07:47 PM
Some people are saying that E-Type should concentrate on Europe and forget about North America because we don't have good musical tatse. I agree alot of the music over here sucks and we could use more euro inluence. There is alot of euro that DOES explode in North America. Don't forget one important point, about 70% of Canadians are european, therefore there is a huge market for Euro in Canada. It is not easy to sell north americans on E-Type's music if he never releases music here and does no promotion. It's not good enough to release 1 song every 3 years. He needs to look at the market more globally rather than being confined to Europe.

Although I'm not sure on the new style, I welcome the chance to hear some new flavour from E-Type. So far he has tried: pure euro(MIS), rock/euro(TE), pop/euro(LMS) and back to pure euro(E4E). I guess the only thing left is country/euro.
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Registered User
Post: 129
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Posted 14-10-02 - 06:52 AM
Don't know. I personaly would like to hear it. But...
I'm afraid he has little chance with this style here. I don't know where they got the idea that ppl like this style here. (maybe some suburban regions and deep south, but it's not the center of musical market! To know what ppl listen to you have to look at the big cities on both coasts). Okay, it's a national style and there are many artists who work in it. However, the number of fans is limited. How many country artists do you know? I know a few, and I constantly listen to radio, never live my home without a walkman.
On the contrary, I noticed that americans started to show interest in European music, especially in Euro-dance. And they vote for it to be on charts. So I think he stands a better chance here with his usuall style. He's great at what he does, and maybe he will even make me like country, but still I have some doubts.
I know I'm repeating myself (said the same thing in the other thread), but I'm just worried about him taking the wrong step :(

With regards, Olga (sighs and tightens her fists for luck)
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 169
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Posted 15-10-02 - 07:10 AM
If E-type wants to go to America it is his choice but this tour won't be successful I think. that's why we said he'd better be in Europe. By the way telling about America I meant the USA, not Canada.
Ah! I Want to congratulate all the guys from the USA and Canada) on the day of discovering America!!!
3rd Reply
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Posted 15-10-02 - 06:10 PM
His ancestor Lejv Eriksson (or how thay spell this name) discovered America. Well, he deside to take it back... Why no?
4th Reply
Registered User
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Posted 28-10-02 - 04:55 PM
I am an american , and my family lives in europe, i so wish that the music that you guys get to hear everyday on the radio was able to be gifted towards us in the united states. But it is not so. I have to bend over backwards and jump throught hoops to be able to get a hold of the music that i love and enjoy. I am still not able to get a old of a single E-type album. Not one single album can i purchase, so when i heard that he is planning to come to america i was so excited. My friends and i are waiting eagerly to be able to hear E-type on our radio. So please be nice and share a good thing with us . There are many of us that are waiting to see him and listen to him. He will always be a euro artist and his loyalty lies deep with europe , so all i ask is to support him when he has the drive to concor new lands with his music and he will always be loyal to you .
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 37
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Posted 31-10-02 - 01:02 AM
Hey everyone,
Its true that Eurodance / pop dance music is getting to be more popular over here currently....But I truly dont know how long that phase will last though....I am a true lover of Eurodance ( I would think that I am anyways....I import cd's all the time....Since I cant buy them in stores and most stores dont even know or have it in their computer shipping data base who these people are....But I am hoping that E-Type will soon change all of that.... and I think that E-Type will have a good chance either way....No matter what style he decides to release his songs in....After all....You can buy Stevie B's album here but most people dont know who he even is....Thats because he releases them here even if they dont sell ( Come to think of it....I did only see one Stevie B cd....Which still amazes me on account of I dont think that he is very good....I just heard him once at a concert and trust me....Once was DEFINITELY enough....Sorry to all the people that like him )....Which I think that E-Type should do....But on the other hand....Im kind of curious as to whether or not he will make it over here....Because people are so closed minded about music....Most people think that there is only one style of music....About once every day I get told that my music is weird and so am I....But I just ignore the people that tell me that....I think that E-Type should release another CD that kind of sounds like or resembles the sound of The Explorer. I think that that would go over pretty well here....And I think that he should still feature Nana as lead female chorus singer just like on the last four albums....Because even though kids that I know dont really like E-Types style they like his and Nana's distinctively unique voices....But either way....No matter what happens for E-Type I am with him all of the way....Which I think is more than I can say for alot of people who listen to the radio and judge the artists just by looks alone....As a closing note....I think that we all know that E-Types loyalty lie with Europe and that he is just curious about how well that he can do in the U.S.A. I think that that is great that he wants us Americans to hear him and that he is still willing to give us a chance to like and hear his music....Even after most people have just totally ignored him and turned him away....I think that that is just AWESOME!!!!.
Post Back Soon Someone....
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
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