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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Why not rock?
Registered User
Post: 55
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Posted 22-10-02 - 03:36 AM
I was thinking, if E-type really does want to make an impact on the charts in the U.S why would he go for country? In my opinion he would be much more successful in makeing a rock/alternative album rather than country. I would be interested in hearing what a rock album from E-type would sound like. With songs like "Back In The Loop" and "Free Like A Flying Demon" already produced, they showthat rock/euro mixes pretty well.

If you look at the charts in the U.S and Canada bands like Creed, Aril Lavean, Disturbed, Korn, and Nickelback and creating the new mainstream.

I wouldn't prefer that E-Type heads in this direction but it does make more sense if he really wants to sell out.
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Registered User
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Posted 22-10-02 - 04:55 AM
Don't forget Lincoln Park, Red Hot Chili Pepers, Bon Jovi, and Offsprings.
Anyways, I read in Russian news that e-type's style is just called country-disco, and that basicaly, it sounds like rock
Hope it does.
2nd Reply
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Posted 22-10-02 - 10:19 PM // Updated 22-10-02 - 11:15 PM
Not that I like to repeat myself but if you haven´t read my earlier tread "Notes on the American matter" I´ll do this talk once more!
You can also read about this subject in the news section!

E-type is not going to "sell out" as you say it. He´s just doing a project in his private name Martin Eriksson together with Johan Dereborn. It has nothing to do with the brand E-type! The project is going alongside Martin´s E-type work. He and Johan have written special Country-disco songs for the album specially made for America and the album is not going to be released as an E-type album!

So E-type and his eurodance will be more or less the same for some time still ...though I´m pretty sure he´ll do a style change with his next album - as usual!

To some extend I agree with you....if E-type should go for the American charts he could do a rock/eurodance album like "The Explorer". "Free Like A Flying Demon" and "Back In The Loop" both sound awesome and I think that songs like them could have a chance in the American charts!

But E-type is more known as an "eurodance magician" and instead of going on a new marked with a "new" style he should start out with eurodance and get a ferm grip in the fans he already have in America...and then develop from there!!

R.M.L. ;-))
3rd Reply
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Posted 23-10-02 - 06:32 PM
NEW without "" by the way!!!!
Of cause, THE EXPLORER is the best E-type's album, but... there is a place for something NEW in his music! :)
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 50
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Posted 23-10-02 - 09:06 PM // Updated 23-10-02 - 09:08 PM
NEW are supposed to be framed with "" !!

And the reason is that there is no new music style that has not been heard before! There are so many music styles in the world of today that to invent a new one you have to combine two styles that are already excisting - and that is not new! That is what you call recycling!!

The project E-type (as Martin Eriksson) is doing with Johan Dereborn is also a combination of two already excisting music and disko ..! And I would not blame them if they are also taking a little of "E-type" and "Tumbleweed" into it it is going to sound awesome!! No doubt about that!

It is true that there is room in E-type´s music for something new.
The 4 albums that E-type has done already are different from each other. Each album has its own "theme" and there is always a "new" thing that he has done to develop and challenge himself! And as there are lots of "themes" and music styles left for E-type to work with, there is still a lot more material and "new" stuff in E-type yet to release!!

E-type recycles from different music styles and combines it in a way that make it sound as a "never-heard-before" sound...that is what makes E-type special and that is one of the things that I like the most about E-type!!

R.M.L. ;-))
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