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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Winter
Registered User
Post: 196
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Posted 29-11-02 - 07:14 AM
It happened at last! Winter, real Urals winter, set in here, in Ekateringurg! Now it's -19C, tomorrow's gonna be ever more frosty: about -25C.

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P.S.: Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!!!
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 58
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Posted 29-11-02 - 03:01 PM
Wow that's cold -19! You like when it's that cold? Here in Toronto it has gotten down to about -5 so far and I can't stand it. I do welcome the winter weather though because as much as I love summer it was bloody hot. It got up about 37 degrees this year.
2nd Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 224
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Posted 30-11-02 - 08:30 PM
Yeah, this summer was really hot here as well. On the day that the record (all-time high!) temperature was set, they sold 400,000 liters of beer. In one day. In a country with a population of 1.4mln, including women, children and AA members ;)
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 160
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Posted 03-12-02 - 06:04 AM // Updated 10-12-02 - 05:30 AM
I love winter, and after I moved to NY I started hating summers. Here you just can't survive without an air conditioner. It went up to 43C this summer. However, we had such temperatures in Odessa and it didn't feel so hot. It was bearable, but here... maybe because of high humidity or something else, you feel like you're in Africa. Bee.
Anyways, it's good to have my kind cold winter back again, I'm so energized when it's cold, hehe. Just bought a new foil and warm up fencing on all my breaks in college.
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 198
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Posted 03-12-02 - 07:05 AM // Updated 03-12-02 - 07:06 AM
I love both summer and winter even though three days ago it was pretty cold here: -29C. And the summer wasn't good IMO: too few real hot summer days (smth about 30)
5th Reply
Temporarily disabled
Post: 40
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Posted 07-12-02 - 12:06 AM
H-u-u-h. We have -12 today in Kyiv. Weak snow laying at the streets. What I can say? Welcome to Ostersund!

Frosty Michael
6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 165
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Posted 09-12-02 - 04:49 AM
Wow, It's so wonderful here. We had lots of snow yesterday, and it doesn't melt now as it usually does. Snow is a big event here, because it's a rarity. Can you imagine that last year it snowed only once in New York and it melted away next day. Ohh, I miss normal winters so much, I miss fooling around in snow with my friends,,, well, anyways,
Good luck to you all, and have a great winter with lots of snow and happy faces all around you.
7th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 256
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Posted 15-12-02 - 10:06 PM
We also have had one week of very cold winter weather!
It felt like it was -15 degrees thanks to our Russian friends in the far east!
And I was happy ...
because it was almost again that far ...
almost our Frisian Tradition ...
The Tour of the Tours ...
But ... sadly the Russian wind has turned south now ... (or west)... ...
Now the biggest ICE-SKATING TOUR ON NATURE ICE will not be held ... NOT NOW! Maybe later on this winter!

Keep on freezing!
And pleeze peeps in Russia ...
Our Frisian Tradition needs to be back again ...
after 7 years of being "away" (thanks to too warm winters!)

Keep on freezing again :D
8th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 235
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Posted 17-12-02 - 07:31 AM
It's -20 and falling in Tartu... brrr... *shivers*
9th Reply

Post: 205
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Posted 17-12-02 - 11:18 AM
And finally, finally, FINALLY we have a winter in Turkey, too!!!

last Sunday I woke up, went out to the balcony and almost hurt myself pretty badly, since the balcony was really slippery with a lot of snow on the glassed-brick floor...

and then it hit me, looking around, every place was white!

The degrees haven't gone below -5C or so, but it is good enough for me, just to see snow. I spent the whole Sunday out throwing snowballs to my neighbour (he was stupid enough to open the window after I threw the first snowball to the window...) and just fooling around. (the kids in our block were a bit amused to see grown up people fooling around with snow, but in the end, we were all in just a one big snow-war ;) )

only bad thing is that the heating system of our office sucks, so I am really freezing in here. I love winter and cold weather, but not IN the house...

I wish a White Christmas for all of you :)

Reporter & Assistant
10th Reply
Registered User
Post: 206
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Posted 20-12-02 - 06:06 AM
ATL: hope you'll see real Russias or, better, Urals winter someday!
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