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Author Subject:  Barcode Brothers BBO2
Registered User
Post: 5
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Posted 31-01-03 - 03:10 PM
Any Barcode Brothers Fans Around.

WOW, I just got their BBO2 Album, and it has some Awesome songs (e.g. Akustic, SMS, Die4You, Need You, and my favorite "Slave"). Great Stuff.
1st Reply

Post: 172
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Posted 31-01-03 - 04:52 PM
I would say my personal favourite from BB02 is "Die 4 U" closely followed by "Live2Love" ... and I also think a track like "Trafikk" is pretty fun to listen to :)

Barcode Brothers are great - no doubt about that ... also their first album "Swipe Me" was a great album with hits like "Dooh dooh", "Tele", "It's a fine day" and "Flute" :))

/// Morten
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 28
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Posted 15-02-03 - 03:11 PM // Updated 15-02-03 - 03:15 PM
Yeah Morten, I heard a few tunes from "Swipe Me" album, pretty good, but I think BBO2 is a little bit better.

Hey, is DJ ENCORE feat Engelina popular over in Denmark. They are Danish!! I got their "Intuition" album last year and really really liked it. Very Nice songwriting on it. It was released in US and alot of people here liked it (many good reviews on I wish BBO2 was released in the states, but it was not :-( US kind of discriminates against Euro music, how else can you explain that none of E-Type CDs were ever released here.

Anyway, C Ya :-)

3rd Reply

Post: 175
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Posted 16-02-03 - 10:23 PM
Well, DJ Encore feat. Engelina sure is Danish, but things have been pretty quiet around them for a while, but when they were "active" here, they were really successful ... especially with their Big Brother smash-hit single "I see right through to you" but also the next single called "Walking in the sky" was a great hit. They released 1 or 2 more singles and then we didn't hear much after that - only that they went to the US to promote the music.

Later on Engelina started a girl-band along with Christina Undhjem (formerly known as the female vocalist in You-Know-Who) and 1 more which I don't remember the name of ... that band is called Shalimar and they were the official band for a Danish TV-show called "Friends forever" where celebrities and their friends forever compete in various events and the winner will go on a dream-holiday to whatever location they want.

The success that Shalimar got from performing at the TV-show made them record an album which is out now - a selftitled album with lots of cover-songs which sounds pretty good :)

Hope this helped a bit on the DJ Encore talk :)

/// Morten
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 40
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Posted 18-02-03 - 08:03 PM
Thank You for information Morten. It's nice to see Engelina doing other stuff, although I wish that she would do some more original material, instread of cover-songs. She's got a Beautiful voice :-))

I hope Dj Encore (Andreas Hemmeth) decides to release one more album. There is not a single bad song on "Intuition", every track is a potential hit. It's simply Amazing. E-Type is that way too, hits all the way through!!

If you know any other current Danish aritsts that do similar kind of music (Pop/Trance/Dance), let me know. I would be interested in checking them out. I know that there is a lot of that kind of stuff coming from Belgium right now (Sylver, Ian Van Dahl, Milk Inc etc), but I haven't heard much from Denmark, except for BB and Encore.

Thanx Man,

Andy :-)
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Registered User

Post: 270
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Posted 27-02-03 - 04:11 PM
Its so funy in my stupid country ...
Do I want to buy SWIPE ME ...
aint it gettable here ...
do I want to buy BB02 ...
it aint gettable ...
And suddenly ..
yeah ...

But still cant get Swipe Me ...
but have all the MP3s ofcourse :D

About BB02 ... I love the song SLAVE the most ...
Also ADELE is damned good
Slave ... the part with the "guitar" thing is soooo damned good ... WOWA :D
Have bought a lot of good cd's since January ..
(a little bit too much maybe ... hahaha ...)
But BB02 is one of the best ones :)

Still cant get DJ ENCORE ...
Also searching for DJ ENCORE for ages ...
Sadly not to buy in the record stores
(but thats not strange ... also AOB and E-TYPE and TESS are here not gettable ... so :D)

see ya
6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 52
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Posted 27-02-03 - 04:40 PM // Updated 27-02-03 - 04:44 PM
Hey. What's Up Arjen.

If you think it's hard to get good Euro in Netherlands, well in US it's even worse. But DJ ENCORE's "Intuition" CD was released here. Try or maybe

For Swipe Me. check out It was released in Germany, and a lot of people sell it on German ebay :-)

BBO2 is in my car CD player right now. I can not get enough of their music (especially Slave and Die4You) :-) I don't understand why it was not released in US, or outside Denmark. It's soo good (all the songs!!!)).

Slave- Combination of Euro, Techno and Rock, it Kicks A$$$$

Hey, What do you think about DANCE NATION??? I think they are from Netherlands. Nice EuroTrance Tunes they have.
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 93
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Posted 14-04-03 - 11:18 PM
Barcode Brothers is actually avaliable here in Canada at HMV. I have seen the CD BB02 for $32.99, pretty damn expensive. Actually I had no idea who this artist was until you guys started talking about them. I've gotta say the make very good music, in variety of styles.

My favorite songs by them are:
Die 4 U
Dooh Dooh
Flute (If E-Type's country album sounds like this it will be good)
Live To Love

As I said they have many good songs. Thanks for introducing me to this group!
8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 89
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Posted 15-04-03 - 04:18 AM // Updated 15-04-03 - 04:19 AM
Mondano, Check out

There is a Danish CD store called SIRICH (Triangen Antikvariat) that is selling BB02. I Bought BB02 and another CD from them. Their price is very affordable, and even with shipping CD will cost u under $20. They are Very Reliable guys :-)

Yeah, Flute and Dooh Dooh are Good songs from their first album, but I think the best song on that CD is "Keep Me from The Rain". It's a Beauty, and has to be one of the best songs I've ever heard :-)

BB02 is simply Awesome.

C Ya
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