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Author Subject:  LASGO (EuroTrance) in US
Registered User
Post: 29
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Posted 15-02-03 - 05:33 PM // Updated 15-02-03 - 05:36 PM
I have been so happy for the last couple of months, becuase a Belgian Euro/Trance/Pop act called LASGO released their album "Some Things" here in US (Great Album). Their single "Something" got a lot of airplay on US radio (very unusual for a Euro group).

I hope MILK INC will be Next to hit US. Their new single "Breath Without You" is quite good :-) E-Type also should try to penetrate US music market with his next album. With enough Promotion, he will definitely hit it big here.

EuroIVEver Dudes!!!!!

1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 75
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Posted 15-02-03 - 05:51 PM
I'm glad to hear that Lasgo has been successful in the U.S as well. Here in Canada all of there singles have made it to top spots on the z1035 top 40 countdown. I fell in love with "Something" but although I like all there songs they all sound alike to me.
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 30
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Posted 15-02-03 - 06:02 PM // Updated 15-02-03 - 06:03 PM
Yep, they do have a tendency to sound alike, but if you listen to them a bit longer, you can hear that melody hooks are somewhat different in each song. And that Ballad "Cry" took my breath away the first time I heard it

If you like Lasgo, you might maybe like MILK INC (album "Land of the Living)" or SYLVER (album "Chances") :-)

EuroIVEver Dudes!!!

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