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Author Subject:  Cool James and Black Teacher
Registered User
Post: 67
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Posted 19-03-03 - 03:46 PM // Updated 19-03-03 - 03:59 PM
Cool James and Black Teacher "Zooming You" album 1994 Stockholm Records

Any one else here like their music. Many of their songs sound similar to Dr Alban's EuroDance trax. So if you liked "Let the Beat Go On" or "It's My Life", you probably would like their stuff.

Lots of Great EuroDance trax with female vocals and African Regga-Rap on this album (Godfather, Dr Feelgood, To the Max, The Rhythm of the Tribe, Blue Moon, Fire Boom boom, Madame For Me. :-)

Oh Yeah "Dr Feelgood" is also on E-Type EuroFavorites CD. E-Type has Great Taste :-)
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Flasher T
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Post: 307
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Posted 19-03-03 - 06:59 PM
You should just put up a full SR release list and be done with it :)
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