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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  another question
Registered User
Post: 1
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Posted 08-04-03 - 03:29 PM
Ive tried to find an explanation why E-Type´s popularity is bit fallen among ordinary listeners. Fans he has will no matter what like Him, but socalled wannabes have started to drop off. My guess would be thats because Max Martin isnt there anymore. To come to think of it, in time when the Explorer and the Last Man Standing were released, he was still around. Could someone explain it to me? Plz;)
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 08-04-03 - 07:46 PM
Denniz Pop, stupid me...
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 89
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Posted 08-04-03 - 09:54 PM
I hate to say it but...

E-Type is really bad at promoting himself. Mabey it is Stockholm Records fault or mabey just Matrin himself. Honestly I think E-Type needs a new record company.

It seems to me that everytime they get a big hit (In Canada anyways) they never ride the success and follow it up. This means that the group just fades away from memory and common people forget the group ever existed.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 88
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Posted 09-04-03 - 05:03 AM // Updated 09-04-03 - 05:05 AM
This might be a dumb question, But:

Who is that woman in the Euro-Metal Tour pictures. For example, Munka Ljungby Concert, first row, Rightmost picture. She is in a lot of photos. Doesn't Look like Dee. Is she a Dancer or an actual Vocalist?

Who were the singers on the tour, in addition to E-Type of course.

BTW You guys, Nice Photos. Thanx:-)
4th Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 344
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Posted 09-04-03 - 12:12 AM
Andy, go to the Band section to look at the members of the new Headbangers.
5th Reply

Post: 193
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Posted 09-04-03 - 01:02 PM
To give you a quick answer to that ... the photo you mention from Munka Ljungby is a photo of Linda Andersson ... and the other vocalist is Therese Löf ... both of them are vocalists - not dancers ... although they do their own dancing during the show which is to be expected of course considering the high-energy show, they all pull off :)

But it's true what Flasher says ... check the band-section where you'll find information about all band-members of this tour :)

/// Morten
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