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Author Subject:  Something That I Made Up....
Registered User
Post: 55
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Posted 25-04-03 - 00:36 AM
You know that you are an E-Type fan if....
* Just to tell everyone, this is all purely fictional. This list is made up of extremes that I thought that people would go to for a band. This doesnt determine whether or not you are a true E-Type fan or not. Please dont be offended, should you be, please feel free to e-mail me. Sorry that the list takes up so much space....*
1. Have memorized every lyric to every song on every album.
2. Doodle E-Type’s logo on your notebooks or spare sheets of paper.
3. Look at pictures of E-Type everyday and drool ( If you are a girl ).
4. Wish to look like him ( If you are a boy ).
5. Listen to his cd’s ( or cd depending on how many you have ) every day.
6. Dream about E-Type.
7. Daydream about E-Type.
8. Everywhere you go you think “ I wonder what would happen if E-Type was here”.
9. When you go shopping your main priority is “ Would E-Type like this?”.
10. Have listened to the albums so much that the cd (s) have skips in them.
11. Listen to the cd ( s ) as often as humanly possible.
12. Talk about E-Type constantly.
13. Your family knows almost as much about him as you do.
14. You know almost as much about E-Type as he does!.
15. Every time that your younger sibling hears a song they can immediately start singing in from hearing it so much.
16. Your parents can tune in at any part of a song and start singing from hearing it so much.
17. If anyone talks bad about E-Type, you give them a good ear whipping.
18. You fantasize over going on tour with E-Type and his band.
19. You learn as much as you possibly can about the people in his band that he hangs out with.
20. You try and BE like the people that he hangs out with.
21. You pretend that you are on tour with E-Type while actually singing and dancing in the privacy of your room or house.
22. You write lyrics and think of sending them to E-Type.
23. You formulate your own dance steps and pretend that you are actually on stage doing them.
24. You think up conversations that you MAY one day have with E-Type, hey you never know, right?.
25. You find out as much as you can about E-Type and tell anyone who will listen.
26. Can spurt out info on E-Type at a moments notice ( ex : birthday, dads name etc....
27. Write a web page on E-Type.
28. Attend every concert that is humanly possible.
29. Arrive at every concert two hours early so as to get a good spot.
30. At every concert make yourself stand out from the crowd so that E-Type might notice you.
31. Bring a humungous poster board sign and wave it high in the air.
32. If you are too short, have a tall person beside you wave it in the air, while you sit on their shoulders.
33. Should E-Type come down and actually talk to you * sigh * don’t faint!!.
34. You hug and go wild if he does come down to talk to you.
35. You cry because you will probably never get to meet him.
36. You call in or e-mail one of his songs by request to the radio.
*37. Every night you pray to get to meet E-Type.
38. You draw E-Type’s portrait on any spare sheet of paper ( stick figure w/ long hair is not acceptable hehe. Remember the AFRICA video.... ).
39. You sing along to Nana’s parts and pretend to be singing them to E-Type ( if you are a girl ).
40. Pretend that you are E-Type ( come on guys you know that you do it ).
41. Tell everyone and anyone that you can about E-Type.
42. You name one of your new pets after him ( Martin, Bo, Erik, Marty, or any other variation ).
43. You have pictures, and posters up on your wall.
44. You have a whole pile of news articles, interviews, pictures, and posters of E-Type.
45. You beg people for translations ( Should you not know the language that it is in ).
46. You wish that he was singing every single one of the songs to you ( especially the sappy love ones ).
47. Search the Internet for the latest news about him.
48. You send in fan letter after fan letter, even after no response to the fan address.
49. You write E-Type all over your hand or arm in an ink pen or permanent marker.
50. Almost every one of your spare time thoughts revolve around E-Type.
51. You pretend that E-Type is with you wherever you are ( school, work, wherever ).
52. You fantasize that E-Type and the whole crew will someday surprise you and show up at your house just to hang out w/ you.
53. Your away message has something to do with E-Type ( I’m not here right now because I’m listening to E-Type….Or so on and so forth ).
54. Every day you look at his picture and memorize every detail of his face.
55. Will cry if he cuts his hair.
56. Will cry if he ever decides to quit singing ( Knock on wood ).
57. Your screen name has something to do with E-Type ( For example: Arabian Star, Princess of Egypt etc….).
58. You buy every cd and single that is out on the store or the internet.
59. You find and save every single website that you find into your favorite box.
60. You e-mail the webmaster of that site, to see if you can find out any MORE sites about E-Type.
61. You follow the news about E-Type daily.
62. Find out if any rumors are true.
63. Tell people on the web not to say anything bad about E-Type because their favorite singers aren’t any better.
64. Buy anything and everything relating to E-Type ( videos, cd’s ets….).
65. Move to Sweden just to see the country that E-Type grew up in.
66. Eat Swedish food.
67. Daydream about marrying E-Type ( girls ).
68. Download every song and music video, and search for the ones that you don’t have.
69. Watch those music videos should you find yourself forgetting them.
70. Are a fan until the very end.
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 39
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Posted 25-04-03 - 05:08 AM
Well, what I can to say. Here I see unlimited feels of an fan.
2nd Reply

Post: 203
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Posted 25-04-03 - 12:28 AM
Indeed - and most of them fit on me, I see :)

/// Morten
3rd Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 373
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Posted 25-04-03 - 03:01 PM
5-kinda check, my collection is on my mp3 player
9-quarter of a check, it's not a priority but I do like black stuff :)
10-check, that's why I keep the original CDs on the shelf and copies in my player
12-whenever I'm in a conversation about music
17-check :)
25-half check
26-half check
33 through 38 - no
39 - actually I do...
40 - damn right!
41 - check
42 - don't have any pets, but it's an idea!
43 - yes
44- no
45- no
46- nope ;)
47 through 51 - no
52 - check
53,54,55 - no
56 - I'll definitely be disappointed
57 - my MSN Messenger ID is
58 - I've even got the Eurofavorites :)
59 through 62- no
63, 64 - damn right!
65 - I go there every 6 months :)
66 - what's typically Swedish out there?
67 - n/a
68, 69, 70 - absolutely.
4th Reply
Banned: 2 time(s)

Post: 223
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Posted 25-04-03 - 03:43 PM
Oh, Heather... I'm not a fan then! Even though I look like E-type (and I'm not a boy, I hope)... Puff! I had translated biggest part of his lyrics to Russian, but I can't say, taht I remember even one of them... And I don't listen to his music, when I'm writing my music... I draw his portraits, but you don't like them, I'm afraid... So...
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 98
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Posted 25-04-03 - 04:10 PM
Maybe You should Send this list to David Letterman. Maybe he will use it. It will be Letterman's top 70 list as opposed to top 10. That will be soooooo Cooool :-)
6th Reply

Post: 205
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Posted 25-04-03 - 06:43 PM
Well, I guess I'll follow Flasher's example and write a little comment to your top 70 :)

01) Yep
02) Occasionally
03) Nope
04) Not quite, but I see him as an idol
05) Yep
06) Has happened occasionally - especially after a concert
07) Nope
08) Occasionally
09) Nope
10) My "The Explorer" needs to be replaced. Some tracks can't be listened to without scratching-sounds
11) Yep
12) Well, what do you expect?
13) Yep
14) Yep
15) Yep
16) Almost
17) Yep
18) Yep
19) Yep
20) Not quite
21) Nope
22) Nope
23) I can't dance, so nope
24) Yep
25) Yep
26) Yep
27) Already done that
28) Yep
29) Yep (actually 4 hours early but you get the point)
30) I'm tall, I'm wearing an E-type shirt, I'm at front row and Martin & Johan knows how I look like
31) No need to
32) I'm tall already, so no need to either
33) Not happened yet
34) Hug, yes - High 5, yes - Go wild, not really
35) Nope
36) I try to
37) Not literally pray, but thinking of when the next time would be that I get a chance to meet him
38) I can't draw that well, so I'll leave it at that
39) I can sing along to every part no matter if it's the rap or the chorus. Don't have to be a girl to sing the chorus :)
40) Yep
41) Yep
42) Unfortunately I have no pets
43) Yep
44) Yep
45) Tried to, but not much luck with it
46) Nope
47) Always
48) Nope
49) Nope
50) Nope
51) Nope
52) It can happen
53) Not exactly, but I do use quit-messages on IRC with lines from E-type songs
54) Nope
55) Nope, but will undoubtedly wonder why he would do such a thing
56) See 55
57) Nope
58) Oh yeah!!
59) Yep
60) I am the webmaster of that site :D
61) Maybe not every day, but I check often
62) Trying to - not all are though
63) Yep
64) Yep
65) Not literally move there, but I go there every time there's a concert and it's always a blast to visit Sweden.
66) I do that when I'm there
67) Nope
68) Did that long ago - trying to fulfill my goal of getting EVERYTHING in original form. Pretty close actually
69) Yep, of course
70) Hell yeah!! Nothing can stop me!!

/// Morten
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 56
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Posted 25-04-03 - 10:31 PM
Im glad that you all liked the list....
Andy, maybe I will send it to David Letterman, hehe.
Now that you all have posted your replies I'll tell you, I made them all up based on other fans and myself....
Im so glad that you all liked it!!!!!....
Thanks for reading it!.
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 2
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Posted 29-04-03 - 08:50 PM
hey Heather, U mentiond fanletters. I tried adress

c/o Stockholm Records
Box 55757

No responce, didnt exept any either... What about you?
9th Reply
Registered User
Post: 57
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Posted 29-04-03 - 09:47 PM
I have never actually found any fan address, I saw one on the Made In Sweden album sleeve but I didnt know if it was outdated or anything, so I didnt write....
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
10th Reply

Post: 206
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Posted 29-04-03 - 09:54 PM
If it's the Fishing and Hunting fan club you're thinking about, it's way outdated. I tried back in 1998 to write to that address but never received any reply and I doubt it ever got through.

/// Morten
11th Reply
Registered User
Post: 3
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Posted 30-04-03 - 01:41 PM
I asked from Johanna Bostrom, there were link to her in swedish page, shes somehow into E-T-Business..dunno...
12th Reply
Registered User
Post: 59
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Posted 30-04-03 - 11:06 PM
Hey everyone,
I dont know if anyone has ever found this address before, but I was on Stockholm Records web site, and this is what I found on E-Type....
Bandana Management
3rd Floor
11 Elvaston Place
London SW7 5QG

Anyone ever found this before?.
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
13th Reply

Post: 208
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Posted 01-05-03 - 00:19 AM
Well, that's the address to E-type's manager ... I have tried several times to contact him/them with questions regarding my site and all, but I haven't had much luck getting the help that I needed at that time.

/// Morten
14th Reply
Registered User
Post: 11
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Posted 01-05-03 - 02:39 PM
have you had ANY luck at all? Any kind of feedback?
15th Reply
Registered User
Post: 39
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Posted 01-05-03 - 03:39 PM
Hi ppl! I think - IMHO- all you can do to recieve any kind of feedback, is to go directly to Sweden to Stockholm Records and try to find him there. If he'll be in a good mood and kind to say any word to You personally. :))) AquariaGirl12, thats a cool list! :) But, as have found out just now, I'm not a real fan of E-type... Only one position fits me. :)) I like to sing his song, and there is no such srength in the whole world to shut ut me. :) But I don't remember ane of his songs.
16th Reply

Post: 209
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Posted 01-05-03 - 05:54 PM
alyastra: Well, what can I say? I tried mailing the manager back in October - got no reply at all!

I don't think you were around on the site back when this site was in serious trouble of closing (long story), but I mailed them then and I got 1 or 2 replies saying they would look into things but I never got a final answer from them if they did sort things out - so I had to do it myself.

I'm sure they are all very busy and don't really have the time to spend on things like this!

So that's just what I had to say about it :)

/// Morten
17th Reply
Registered User
Post: 103
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Posted 01-05-03 - 06:27 PM
E-Type is in the business of Creating and Performing Music. Yeah, business. I doubt that he would have time for millions of his fans. Just be glad that he is creating good tunes for us :-)

I know this sounds harsh, but that's reality.
18th Reply
Registered User
Post: 40
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Posted 02-05-03 - 01:08 PM // Updated 02-05-03 - 01:10 PM
Andy, I'm completely agree with You - Martin is a VERY busy men. As for me I understand this, because there was a period in my life when I was busy with my dancing - concerts, competitions - so I didn't have time even for eating. But I'm just a simple human, not a star, not even a dancer of international class. So, what about wellknown people? They have to much business to do. You have to do something special, somthing that could impress Your favourite singer or actor so he wanted to write You back. But I don't have any clue, - what. :^) But if I knew, that he received my letter and read even a word, I'd be on the 10'th heaven. :) And nothing else.
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