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Author Subject:  NEW ALBUMS!!
Registered User
Post: 109
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Posted 02-06-03 - 03:45 AM
There so many great new albums that are set to come out this summer/fall!!

Ian Van Dahl, E-Type, Sash!, ATB, Mandy & Randy (a.k.a Mark'Oh), Jan Wayne, and Pulsedriver all have albums due out by the end of this year.

If you guys know of any other albums to watch out for please let me know.
1st Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 413
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Posted 02-06-03 - 05:31 PM
Well, Bomfunk is overdue. Their release cycle is somehow nearly synchronous with E-type. Which I enjoy tremendously :D
2nd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 282
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Posted 02-06-03 - 08:14 PM
I hope there will be new cds from:

- Gabry Ponte
- Prezioso ft Marvin
- Dj Ross
- Gigi D'Agostino
and many more!!!

see ya :)
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 111
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Posted 07-06-03 - 07:05 PM
Got a copy of Mandy & Randy's (a.ka Mark'Oh) new album "Together Forever". This album is really good, better than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be a dance album but it actually very euro/trance/dance. Old school euro mixed with new age trance, an awsome mix.

Check it out and see what you think:
1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Single Version)
2. Sunshine
3. Music Touched My Heart
4. How Can I Fall
5. Mandy
6. Wonderful Land
7. Everlasting Dream
8. Let This Party Never End (Video Cut)
9. My Love
10. Open Your Heart
11. Together Forever
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 122
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Posted 09-06-03 - 04:58 AM
I think Pulsedriver already released an album. I think he does Good Remixes for other artists, but his own stuff I don't really like.

Here are the albums that I am Awaiting with anticipation (in addition to E-Type's New One):

E-Rotic- their new Coctail Album. I think David Brandes is a Music Genius. Gonna order this Baby all the way from Japan where it will be released first.

Bad Boys Blue - Around the World new album. These guys are legends of EuroDisco, and David Brandes is Producing their whole new album soon to be out.

Ian Van Dahl - I liked their first one ACE, so looking forward to new stuff.

Orion Too - Great Belgian EuroTrance Act, similar to Milk Inc. They should relese something soon, cuz they already have like 5 singles.

Da Buzz- they just released their new 3rd album, and it's pretty good Swedish Dance/Pop

Mark Oh's New album is also pretty decent, I like Tokyo Calling, Desire, and Rock It and some other tunes. But I think it's got too many Covers, which I don't like.
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 123
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Posted 09-06-03 - 05:06 AM
Oh I also very recently got DIANA FOX's Album called "Running On Empty" and it is TERRIFIC EuroDance/Trance/Techno/Pop Album. All songs are very catchy.

Everyone who lives in US should support this German Performer and Buy her album. It was Released in US.

Hey ATL, I also like Prezioso Feat Marvin "IN MY MIND" song. It is Very Good Techno/Pop track :-)))))
6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 112
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Posted 10-06-03 - 09:39 AM
Hey Andy!

You are probably right about pulsedriver aready releasing an album. They do have a new album that was released on June 3rd called "Night Moves."

01. Intro 2.10
02. Galaxy 3.50
03. Spaced Out 4.41
04. Koma 4.52
05. Touch the Sky 4.55
06. Backyard 4.42
07. Time 5.06
08. Take me Away 4.34
09. Move for Freedom 4.27
10. Lovesong for a Vampire 4.42
11. Close my Eyes 4.12
12. Night Moves 4.37
13. Toxicated Smoke 4.17
14. From the Deep 3.02
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 113
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Posted 10-06-03 - 09:43 AM
Oh and ATB has released his new album as well. It is called "Addicted to music." I have to be a melow/sleppy mood to listen to his music but it is good.

01 In Love with the DJ 06:47
02 I dont wanna Stop 03:34
03 Everything is Wrong 05:04
04 Long Way Home 05:17
05 We Belong 04:26
06 Gentle Melody 05:20
07 I will not Forget 04:57
08 Break my Heart 04:25
09 Sunset Girl 06:52
10 Do you love Me 06:31
11 Peace Illusion 04:32
12 Trilogy 03:34
13 Cabana Moon 10:50

8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 116
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Posted 30-06-03 - 07:52 PM
I downloaded a copy of Pulsedrivers new album and I've gotta say I'm very dissapointed. Too much boreing melodic sounds and not enough power. Hearing "Time" and "Galaxy" I thought it was going to be high energy.

Here are the good songs:
Touch The Sky (Similar to Galaxy and Time)
Time (Awsome upbeat euro)
Galaxy (Slow start turning into pounding euro)
Take Me Away (Very scooterish)
Move For Freedom (Very upbeat)

The rest pretty much suck...
9th Reply
Registered User
Post: 117
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Posted 05-07-03 - 10:54 PM
Dance Nation is finally set to release thier debut album "One Nation". It is set to be released this month some time. I'm sure we will find all of thier awsome hits so far includeing:

Sunshine, Dance, Words, You Take Me Away and the new one My First Love featruing Lovestern Galactika.
10th Reply
Registered User
Post: 130
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Posted 10-07-03 - 00:51 AM // Updated 10-07-03 - 00:53 AM
That's great about Dance Nation.

I also recently found out about Orion Too's (feat Caitlin) debut album coming out. They released like 4 singles, and I Just Love all of them, especially "You and Me" and "Hope and Wait". They signed a deal with an American record company, so I hope the album will be released in US as well.

Hey, Mondano, Have You heard the new 666 Single "Insanity"? I liked it.

11th Reply
Registered User
Post: 131
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Posted 10-07-03 - 05:00 AM // Updated 10-07-03 - 05:03 AM
Oh, Also Starsplash released a new album called "Friends".
I heard their "Endless Summer" Tune, and it Is GREAT Vocal EuroTrance/Techno. It's like Happy Hardcore meets EuroTrance :-)

Starsplash "Friends"
1 - Starplash - A journey thru the universe
2 - Starplash - Endless fantasy
3 - Starplash - Bass-kick-hands up
4 - Starplash - Travel time
5 - Starplash - Risin
6 - Starplash - Ready to go
7 - Starplash - Vittel
8 - Starplash - Fly away (owner of your heart)
9 - Starplash - Friends
10 - Starplash - When...
11 - Starplash - Trave
12 - Starplash - Daytona beach
13 - Starplash - Listen to mummy and daddy
12th Reply
Registered User
Post: 76
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Posted 12-07-03 - 09:15 PM
I just listened to some sounds clips by StarSplash, and it is completely AWESOME!!!!.
That beat is so like up beat it makes you happy and want to dance, cool!!!!.
Any ideas where to buy it?
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
13th Reply
Registered User
Post: 133
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Posted 15-07-03 - 03:38 PM // Updated 15-07-03 - 03:53 PM
They are German
Try German Ebay - sometimes if you ask the seller you can bid.
Or International E-Bay
DJS@WORK New Second album is called "Past Was Yesterday" and it is coming out July 21st in Germany

01 Past Was Yesterday
02 Free Your Mind
03 Let Me Be
04 The Final Dance
05 Some Years Ago
06 Spin Me
07 Rock Da Beat
08 Will Be Free
09 Give in Tonight
10 Do You Remember
11 You Take Me Away
12 My Mind
13 Houze Muzik
14 Tell Me Why

I heard the title track "Past Was Yesterday" and it is Very Good Vocal Techno/Dance (Great Female Vocals). Some people already heard the whole album, and they say it's got more Female Vocals than the first one, so that's good cuz I like Vocal Techno Songs :-)

P.S. I hope E-Type will use some of that DJs@Work sound in his new album. Are You Reading This Martin? :-)
14th Reply
Registered User
Post: 118
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Posted 16-07-03 - 09:38 AM

I have a copy of "Past Was Yesterday" and I absolutely love it. I didn't like how much techno DJ's @ Work's first album had opposed to vocal-trance, especially after the first 2 singles.

As for e-type doing trance or vocal trance I don't see that happening. His voice dosen't suit it and NaNa's is too powerful for it. I would love to hear some trance from E-type though, I know he would make it awsome. I prefer if he continued makeing euro dance so that he dosen't become to generic like all the other dance artists these days.
15th Reply
Registered User
Post: 181
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Posted 01-08-03 - 06:41 AM
Hey, I also like 666, do you know when they are to release a new album?

I don't know if you heard of Blackmore's Night but they are one of my favorite groups. It consists of Ritchie Blackmore (he was in Rainbow and Deep Purple) and Candice Night, who has a great voice. Their music is basically in Renaissance style, but it's really cool. They just released a new album "Ghost of a Rose".
Ghost of a Rose
1. Way To Mondalay
2. 3 Black Crowes
3. Diamonds & Rust
4. Cartouche
5. Queen For A Day (Part 1)
6. Queen For A Day (Part 2)
7. Ivory Tower
8. Nur Eine Minute
9. Ghost Of A Rose
10. Mr Peagram's Morris & Sword
11. Loreley
12. Where Are We Going From Here
13. Rainbow Blues
14. All For One
15. Dandelion Wine (Maybe Next Time)
16. Just One Minute (Bonus Track)

But if you never heard of them before, you better listen to earlier songs like: Shadow Of The Moon, Under A Violet Moon, Beyond The Sunset (Instrumental), Home Again, Ocean Gypsy, Magical World, No Second Chance, The Times They Are A Changing, Fires At Midnight.
16th Reply
Registered User
Post: 137
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Posted 01-08-03 - 10:16 PM // Updated 01-08-03 - 10:17 PM
I was a Huge fan of ACTIVATE, that was the EuroDance project of the two guys from 666 before 666. They had many great tunes like "Let the Rhythm take Control", "Save Me" "Beat of the Drum" etc.

When they formed 666 I didn't really like their stuff that much. It was a little too hard for me I guess.

The Last 666 single is called "Insanity" and I Liked it. I hope they release more Vocal Techno/Trance. :-)

I also like Noemi, which is a project by 666 that features a female Vocalist.

I have never heard Blackmore's Night. Will check it out :)
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