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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Beautiful days in NL
Registered User
Post: 15
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Posted 02-06-03 - 03:24 PM
Hello everyone,
right now I am enjoying the wonderful warm weather here in Leeuwarden...
This is a gift because there aren't many hot days in the Netherlands...
How is the weather with you guys?
1st Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 414
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Posted 02-06-03 - 05:32 PM
The weather is very unreliable here. It can be very warm in the morning and a downpour by lunchtime, and vice versa.
2nd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 281
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Posted 02-06-03 - 08:12 PM
I need to say that our dear Raf_angel
was writing her messsage on the wrong day :)

Cause today ... the 2nd of June ...
was the most catastrophal day with the weather
here in Frisian ...
And Leeuwarden is also in Frisian :)

Today there was such a bad weather ...
Between 2 and 4 o clock all kinds of weather were here ...

And ... 30 degrees is not very comfortable ...
5 degrees or some more less would be much better :)
(if you dont have good cold houses or airco on the fields where you are working :D)

see ya
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 17
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Posted 04-06-03 - 10:31 AM
Well ATL,
I enjoyed the weather very much with my friends,
even though it rained at the end of the day, it was wonderful...
And don't deny that the day was bad because when the sun shines it's better than shivering in the cold in the winter.

4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 110
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Posted 06-06-03 - 08:54 AM
The weather here in Toronto, Canada has been pretty good. We are ahveing temperatures around 20 degrees celecius or over, but also alot of rain and thundsertrorms.

It is almost time to start getting 35 degrees celcius again!
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 120
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Posted 06-06-03 - 11:45 AM // Updated 06-06-03 - 12:04 AM
Today in Ufa the weather is not pretty good. :(
In the morning was a little rain and whole day is staying 16 degrees celcius.
But.. :) I love this weather, and so I like wind and thunderstorms. Thunderstorm is my very loved nature representation.

I dont like the heat weather. Last summer we been making the hay - it was very bad for me. Temperature (july, 2002) was about 45 (39 in shadow).
And ... even a little - little wind was not. I'll be keeping this day in my mind for a whole life.
6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 125
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Posted 10-06-03 - 01:04 AM
Today is a nice Day here in Cleveland.
But Yesterday was Rainy and Gloomy, So I put on E-Type "Last Man Standing" in my CD-player, and the day got Brighter :-)))))))
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