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Author Subject:  Evanescence "Bring Me to Life"
Registered User
Post: 140
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Posted 06-08-03 - 00:18 AM
I think this song is Aweosme. It's got a real Kick to It and a Great Melody Hook.

It also has Female Vocals with Male Rap.
Does this Remind You Of Anyone, He He He :-)))

I wish there were some Synths in there as well, but You can't have it all I guess. Americans just don't Understand the Power of Synths :-(

Anyway, Still a Great song by this American Band.

They recently released a debut album called "Fallen", which I haven't heard yet.

Anyone Else have any Opinions on this song, or on their album in general? Anyone?
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Registered User
Post: 183
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Posted 06-08-03 - 06:34 AM // Updated 06-08-03 - 06:36 AM
I love this song, the music, the lyrics, everything. But , now that they play it on the radio every 10 minutes, I got tired of it. I guess if I don't hear it for a while, I'll be able to hear it with the same pleasure as before.

I heard the album, but can't say much cause I listened to it twice and that's not enough for me to give a fair review.

Not a bad album, not a great one either, they sound like Gothic Rock, even though they say they are not. Most of the songs sound alike. The album would probably be great if they had male vocals. Her voice bores you after a while because she sings with the same dying intonations in every track. If they had more lively tracks or more tracks like "Bring me to life" it would undoubtedly improve my overall impression.

However, as I said, the album is not bad, I just expected something great, something like their first single. The lyrics are good, some even great.

That's all I can say.

PS: They are in great need of male vocals.
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 123
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Posted 06-08-03 - 07:21 PM
I've only heard the one song "Bring Me Back To Life." At First I really really loved the song but now I am getting sick of it because it is always on the radio. It's definatelt different from everthing else these days.

I've gotta say it has been the first rock song that has stuck in my head for a long time. Rock music really sucks right now because it is all a combination of commercial punk/rock/skid music.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 88
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Posted 07-08-03 - 06:12 PM
I will have to admit that this song rocks!. I am actually listening to it right now, they performed their newest single " Going Under" on the Teen Choice Awards last night and it was pretty good, I have a copy of their cd on cassette, and it is pretty good, although a bit moody and in some songs suicidal.....
But BMTL definitely kicks butt, and the male vocals by Paul McCoy definitely tie it all together.....
In Gods Name and God Bless,
Heather :)
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