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Author Subject:  New Albums!!
Registered User
Post: 131
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Posted 01-12-03 - 08:43 AM
Finally many new albums have come out that I am interested in. Euro artists have been silent for a few months now. Please let me know if you have the following music and your opinions.

Floorfilla "Le Voyage"

DJ Quicksilver "Clubfiles - The Album"

Rocco "DanceCore"

Joee "Decade Of Dance" Includes new song "Question Of Time"

Mario Lopez "Eternal Sounds"

Milk Inc. "Closer"

I'm haveing trouble finding it all but I will keep trying. If you need track listings let me know.
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 156
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Posted 02-12-03 - 01:37 PM

ATB "Addicted to Music" - releasd in US. Nice MELANCHOLY Vocal Trance.

Bosson "Rockstar" - I think his best album. Many Great Swedish Diso/Pop/Rock songs. Similar to Ace of Base

Fragma "Embrace" - I Know it's Old, but it Recently Go a US Release with somewhat different Tracklisting (but I think the EU Version is Better). Great Vocal Trance/Pop

Paul Van Dyk "Reflections" - Not a Huge Fan of his work, didn't like the album as much.

Ferry Corsten "Right of Way" - released in Japan, haven't heard

Schiller "Leben" - Nice Chillout Trance and some Vocal Stuff.

DJS@WORK "Past Was yesterday" - this thing was Supposed to be Released, but I guess not yet.
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 132
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Posted 02-12-03 - 08:24 PM
I have a copy of "Past Was Yesterday" (Burned) and let me tell you it is an awsome album. It is much better than the first one. More vocal trance in this one opposed to techno in the first one.

"Do You Remeber", "Free Your Mind", "Give In Tonight", "Let Me Be", "Past Was Yesterday", "Some Years Ago", "The Final Dance", "Will Be Free" and "Take Me Away" are all AMAZING tunes. Not many filler songs on that album.
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 134
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Posted 10-12-03 - 08:35 PM
I Just bought the new Joee album "Decade Of Dance" from HMV and let me tell you it is an awsome album. Of course if you like Joee you'll love this album, it includes all of his best euro and freestyle tracks plus a DVD of all his videos.

CD 1
1. Question Of Time (DJ Rad Remix)
2. Precious Heart
3. Better Than You (Extended Mix)
4. I Feel Fine
5. Does That Make You Happy (Extended Mix)
6. I Don't Believe You (Extended Mix)
7. Sunshine (Album Mix)
8. Arriba (Six Million Dollar Remix)
9. Holdin On (Progressive Mix)
10. Angel (Angelic Mix)
11. Need You In My Life (Extended Mix)
12. Almost Suicide
13. Feel It In The Air (Extended Mix)
14. Died In Your Arms (Radio Mix)
15. Nothing To You (Original Mix)
16. Feel It In The Air (Stevie P Remix)
17. Angel (Das Beat Remix)

CD 2 DVD Videos
1. Sunshine
2. Arriba
3. If I Could
4. Do You Right
5. Concert Footage from Party Mania with Z1035
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 203
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Posted 20-12-03 - 09:14 PM
Also Freya released a new single "Mist". Seems to be an ordinary song, but I'm hooked on it for a week already. :)
Does anyone know additional info about them?
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 159
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Posted 22-12-03 - 08:39 AM // Updated 22-12-03 - 08:48 AM
I bought the new ATB album. And it really grew on me. All the Vocal tracks are Just Amazing, and the Instrumentals are also very Nice and Relaxing. IOP his Best album to date.

That Milk Inc "Closer" album is pretty hard to find anywhere. I saw it at but the price there is too high, plus they ship Landmail so it takes like a month. Also a British website has it for Total $24. That's Lower than Proxis, but still a bit too high. I'm a Huge fan of Milk, so I will definitely buy it from somewhere :)
6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 18
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Posted 26-12-03 - 08:31 PM
Introducing the new Spice Girls

2004 will see the launch of a brand new feisty girl pop trio called NG3 which stands for, wait for it fellas, Nasty Girls!

So what exactly makes these young Scandinavians so nasty? "We'll only be nasty in the traditional sense if people are bad to us," blonde bombshell Linda informed us. "NG3 is a totally new kind of girl band, we are here to say it's okay to have fun, girls our age (they're in their early 20s by the way) do have sex, do get drunk, do party and we're here to represent them."

"We're not wild, we're just an honest band," interrupts former Miss Sweden, Malin.

So what about their music, what can we expect to hear from the girls in 2004? "Holler is our first single and we've had comparisons from everyone from Missy Elliot to Boomfunk MCs to TLC," says the lovely Malin. "So there's a lot of influences in there."

"We call our music 'Shock Pop', because there's nothing like it out there," reckons Chiliean born Andrea. "There's some swearing in our music too, but it's rapping and sometimes that's an important element to the music, like in (the song) NG3 For Life we attack the tabloid press, which is why there's some naughty words." Don't worry mums and dads, these girls are far from obscene, NG3 have successfully combined sparkling pop melodies with US urban know-how like nobody before, so watch out for them in 2004.

NG3's debut single Holler is release on January 12 2004, for more information visit
Or the official site:,
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 1
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Posted 06-02-04 - 05:52 PM
Has anyone heard any news about Jessica Folker or Billie Piper?
8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 164
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Posted 14-02-04 - 09:47 PM // Updated 14-02-04 - 09:54 PM
I recently got a chance to hear Cardigans' album from last year "Long Gone Before Daylight", and it's great Pop/Rock album. I'm a pretty big fan of their work. The album does not sound as hard and heavy as their "Gran Turismo" CD, but it still has many many great songs. I'm just Loving it :)

Also, I can't get the New Milk Inc CD out of my CD player. Now that's a Dance/Pop masterpiece.
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