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Author Subject:  Style of the new album.
Registered User
Post: 138
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Posted 07-02-04 - 05:13 PM
Hey guys just thought I'd try start a new coversation about the upcoming album, coinsiding the the current poll. I know E-Type is being very quiet about the new ablum thus far but has anyone heard any details about it? What style do you think will be on it?

I am hoping that the album contains rock with a upbeat euro tempo. Lately I have been really into "Back In the loop" and "We Gotta Go." As for the title "Paradise," it dosen't sound like a rock influenced title, although you never know. Sounds more like pop/dance. Considering this is E-Type's 5th album I think he's been around long enough to really experiment on this one. Mabey we will hear some euro/country in there as well.

Anyways keeps us posted of any information you come acroos about E-Type in the media.
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Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 616
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Posted 09-02-04 - 12:27 AM
I'm sure it'll be a rock album... Definitely an E-type album, which is more important than style anyway - E4E was a dance album and it had one of my absolute all-time favorites, Loneliness.

I'm hoping the new album will be in the style of The Explorer, which was the best album beyond doubt... as for the single, you have to remember that a)rock doesn't work in Eurovision, which is why Estonia bombed last year and b)it's not uncommon for an E-type track to be something completely different than the name suggests; i.e. Loneliness (sounds like a ballad), Africa (patently European) etc.
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