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Author Subject:  New Gigi D'agostino!!
Registered User
Post: 140
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Posted 10-02-04 - 08:51 PM
Has anyone heard the new material by GiGi D'agostino? His new album was just released and i think it is called "Silence EP". Silence is a awsome tune very mellow. Here is the tracklisting that I found for "Silence EP":

1. Silence
2. Complex
3. Sonatra
4. Apache
5. Ripassa
6. Pop Corn
7. Percorrendo
8. Silence
9. Taurus
10. Hymn
11. Son

Let me know how it is if you hear it!!
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 141
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Posted 15-02-04 - 08:51 PM
Downloaded a copy of Gigi's new album and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing. A true work of art. I recomend that everyone get this album as soon as you can, I defiantely am going to buy it from HMV as soon as it is avaliable.

"Silence EP - Under Construction" is a far step from his other albums. More techno is involved in this album as well as very creative and meaningful songwriting. You will also find some classic's redone in gigi style such as hymn and popcorn. Silence and Complex are two of the best tracks on the album and very unique.

2nd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 308
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Posted 12-04-04 - 00:46 AM
hmmm ...
Mondano please ... I tolld this in November 2003 or
something ... the album is OLD!
At the date you wrote that message ... the 2nd
part of the Silence cds would have been released!
so ... its very old!

see ya
Arjen (also big gigi fan for years)
3rd Reply

Post: 65
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Posted 12-04-04 - 03:39 AM
Instead of trying to make others feeling badly, then you should probably try "linking" to your (probably) old tellings...

Every single post is online, so a simple link, would do the trick - without hurting anyone! ;-)
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