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Author Subject:  About Loud Pipes!
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Registered User

Post: 301
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Posted 23-03-04 - 08:42 PM
hey there ...

just listened to the 1:30 preview parts of Loud Pipes
on ...

Lot of songs sounds familar to me ... even the last
song on the album is stolen (the music then,
lyrics not!)
Also track 7, Far Up In The Air, the music of the refrain sounds very much like an other song where
I dont know the title/artist of at this moment! and
is also a song "which sounds like so many songs"

Even though "The Predator" sounds like its just
a joke ... it is still very great! It really rocks!

The Original You reminds me of Loneliness ...
Only LONELINESS was better ... but Original You
really makes people go head banging!

Dans La Fantasie is REALLY damned great!
Hope after his trip to Germany and now to France ...
maybe he will come to a Dutch or Frisian part
in one of his songs :) Otherwhise I will write it for him!

First I thought that Rain would be a soft song ...
but NO :) its a great song :) Really "singable"

Forever More really starts as a Antiloop song!
My heart started to shake! What kinda song will
this be?! It is really great!!! :) Especially
the very high singing ... OOW HOW GREAT!

If Heaven Were To Fall ... hmmm again a song
which will be as soft as heaven? No ... really sounds
okej ... also quite known idea ... also it sounds like
its a song of a popgroup which is making songs
for children around the age of 13/14 ...
The music is stolen from a Eurovisian Songfestival Song (some years ago! I am sure!
But it really sounds happy and is really quite good :)

The song which I don't like is the last song!
Lost And Goodbye will not be the song which will
be played every day with volume at the highest
level I can reach !

Rain will be my I SING MYSELF TOTALLY CRAZY song!
Camilla will be the next single! No doubt :)
High hit-potention all over the world :D
Forever More will be the song which will be played
at high volume with a lot of passion :)

I guess my girlfriend will not like ORIGINAL YOU

See ya peepz!
This was my view on the cd :)


1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 224
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Posted 24-03-04 - 02:24 AM // Updated 24-03-04 - 02:31 AM
LOL, LOL, LOL, .... two thumbs up!!!
Oh, my....
ATL, thanks. I didn't laugh like that for a long time...
PS: "However, I'm afraid not everybody will find your review as amusing as I did. So you better edit it a bit."
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 225
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Posted 24-03-04 - 03:00 AM // Updated 24-03-04 - 03:02 AM
Just wanted to add... I'm afraid that the beginning of "Dans la fantasie" is stolen from one of Mylene Farmer's songs, I just don't know which one, yet. And the lyrics...

Quote: "(the music then, lyrics not!)"
--- why only music? The lyrics are probably stolen as well! I assure you, that when it comes to matters of importance, the outcome is always mysterious and cloudy. So be prepared for everything!!! (ominous thunder and lightning in the background.)
3rd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 302
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Posted 24-03-04 - 11:19 AM
Hey there

It was just my oppinion of the album ...
so it is not important what people think about it!
I didnt want people to amuse with it ...
I just tell WHAT I THINK! And as people (again)
want to start to quarrel about that ... then I really
don't know what kinda people that are ...

once again, you say it too! Also you hear songs from
other artists! It's very dissapointing for me that it
is so good to hear that it ain't a "complete E-Type
thing" ... and my oppinion about most of the
songs is good ... or not?
I like almost all the songs. .. just 1 which I don;t
like for the 100% (the last one, the moste stolen one!)
So what is wrong ? :S

see ya
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 26
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Posted 24-03-04 - 12:09 AM
This album is just GREAT, can't find any bad song on it.
just love the whole album.


Danny - webmaster
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 145
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Posted 24-03-04 - 10:08 PM
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Absolutley amazing album. E-Type went trancy on this album which rocks. I'm actually very surprised E-Type went into trance. This album would do really well in Canada, if it is released here. Sounds more like mainstram euro/trance than previous E-Type albums.

The last song on the album is stolen, I think from Ben E King's - Stand By Me, I could be wrong but I think that is his tune. Can't wait to get the whole album.
6th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 304
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Posted 25-03-04 - 10:47 AM
Hey ya :)

Downloaded all the songs yesterday, and gotta
say ... just the last track I still cant like that much!
But all in all I love the album haha :)
But my oppinion is still the same as I've written before

My biggest surprise was the song LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES. Because I once said that E-Type looked like the most importan person in Braveheart ... and now my favourite movie can be felt in the first song on E-Type (my favo artist) his new album!
ANd was I right with E-Type and the Scottish idea? ;) haha

Anduh ... track 11 is really stolen yeah ...

And I also have a problem with one of the other songs ... as I told I hear DESENCHENTEE by Kate Ryan in Dans La Fantasie ... but most frustrating ...
When I listen to track 6 (The Original You) ... then
I start to sing:
I saw the Arabian star
falling from the sky
I wish that we can do it all again
I saw the Arabian star
still I wonder where you are

Kinda funny :)

See ya all ...
PS: I downloaded the songs because I can't buy the album yet, but I will receive it within a week or two! So don't worry that I am a music destroyer ... Since I download a lot of songs, I have bought more then twice the number of CD's and 12" as I did before!
7th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 305
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Posted 25-03-04 - 10:51 AM
eeuh ... forgetton something ...
Track 10 starts with:
(or something)
and that reminds me of the CD of A-Teens
which I bought some time ago :) kinda funny

Ow yeah ... my favo song is still the Antiloop song :P
Track number 8:) (Forever More)

See ya
8th Reply
Registered User
Post: 2
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Posted 25-03-04 - 03:00 PM
I ordered the cd online , but wont be here for 2 weeks , where did u download the songs, I would love to get them for now till my cd gets here.

9th Reply
Registered User
Post: 2
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Posted 25-03-04 - 03:15 PM
Oooohh! Got the new album by post today!! Will never stop play it!! It´s really great!
Just had to say that ;)
10th Reply

Post: 219
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Posted 25-03-04 - 04:58 PM
Hello there,

just wanted to say a few words...

absolutely FANTASTIC!

I haven't been able to do any schoolwork, just been listening to E-type...

I haven't yet decided if I absolutely love all the songs, maybe I'll get to that later... some songs require more listening to sink in :)

Reporter & Assistant
- with hopefully more to report in the near future...
11th Reply
Registered User
Post: 205
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Posted 26-03-04 - 12:52 AM
I've heard the preview. And now I can say that I love ALL songs!!! :D

To A.T.L.:
Objection! In my opinion, Lost And Goodbye is an amazing song!

And btw, I don't believe that it can be stolen!
12th Reply

Post: 220
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Posted 28-03-04 - 03:12 PM
Back again..

now that I have had more time to concentrate on the album, I can still repeat my words: Absolutely Fantastic.

I also love "Lost and Goodbye", though I don't think it's stolen. But since the style is very familiar 70's Elvis/Roy Orbison style it might seem like that. After all, we've all heard like hundreds of those songs during our lifes so the style is very familiar to everyone.

What disturbed me in the beginning with Original You was the chorus, that is melodically VERY similar to Do You Always (have to be alone). But now I've got used to it, so I don't mind it. I love the idea of the song, though, and I played it already - with meaning - to a friend of mine who's getting a bit too show-off nowadays... (..I was born on top because I'm better than the rest of you...)

Otherwise I don't really have a lot of comments... I agree with ATL that Camilla is very likely choise for the next single. It's really an awesome song and it has been playing in my head for the last two days. Although today I was doing my French homework and after that I was singing Dans La Fantasie...

Absolutely a fantastic album, I'm really looking forward to "the raggarbil to åka" on a tour... (I kind of interpreted the last sentence after the lyrics of Lost and Goodbye to mean there will be a tour... (For those about to åka raggarbil, I salute you) or at least the raggarbil will be on the road again..?

cheers to everyone, the album is already almost sold out in Finland (most recordstores have sold their stocks in 2 days...) but I believe there will be a new delivery tomorrow. I hope so, at least, I have too many friends who didn't manage to find it anymore...

See you all later, in a month I'll manage to arrange my internet so I'll be online 24/7!! I miss our chats!!

Reporter & Assistant
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