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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Article
Registered User
Post: 230
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Posted 28-03-04 - 08:56 PM
Found a link on to some article, which Martin wrote. Can anyone read it and summarize it for ppl who don't know Swedish?
1st Reply

Post: 274
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Posted 28-03-04 - 09:43 PM // Updated 29-03-04 - 08:12 AM
I can tell you a bit about it all - I heard it from him personally when I went to the release party and frankly I feel very sorry for Martin to experience all the stuff the press / media has put him through.

Anyway - after the Melodifestivalen in Gothenburg he and 7 friends (3 of them are women) decides to go to Chat Noir in Gothenburg (a legal stripclub) after the discos have closed sunday morning. A waitress - fully dressed - serves them a beer and they get to talking. Martin asks the waitress if she would like to come to Stockholm to be a waitress at his release party - and the media has somehow got everything all wrong that Martin got served beer by a naked waitress and wanted a naked waitress at the release party. That's something Martin of course doesn't understand as she only works at a stripclub.

He visited the stripclub as a private person and he thought he could do what he wanted as a private person as long as it wasn't illegal and noone got hurt, but unfortunately the media takes these things too seriously and thinks ANY story is a good story. E-type has only visited a stripclub twice in his life - he is against racism, pays more taxes than he needs, donates money for charity, supports gay people and he has never experienced any minor girls working at places like where he went.

So it was just a clarification as to what the media has written about him during the Melodifestivalen which he was very angry about - and frankly I FULLY SUPPORT HIM and feel very sorry for him! So I think it was a GREAT initiative to write that to the media making them realize what big mistake they made!


Hope this helped you a bit!

/// Morten
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 231
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Posted 29-03-04 - 07:48 AM
Yeah, it did, thanks a lot ;)
By the way, one more question. He wrote something in his diary about the media, and how they turned his words inside out, something he said about homosexuals. What did he really say? Do you know the story?
3rd Reply

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Posted 29-03-04 - 08:15 AM
I think that story was about him being interviewed by the press and he said something regarding "After Dark" - the band that was 3rd in Melodifestivalen (it was a drag band) - that he thought Melodifestivalen had begun to let in homosexuals in the contest and he thought it was cool ... that was his words - but the media left out the "he thought it was cool" which resulted in a pretty big debate in the media as to Martin's opinion about homosexuals - again a story he had to explain to the press that they got wrong!

/// Morten
4th Reply
Registered User
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Posted 29-03-04 - 09:28 AM
Strange people :/
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 148
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Posted 30-03-04 - 00:49 AM
Man I really hate the media sometimes. They can be really stupid turning anything into a "hot" story. Who cares if Martin goes to strip clubs, he is a man after all. If he did want the waitress at his realase party, is that so bad.

Honestley some people need there own lives, and stop playing with others' lives.
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