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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  About this site
Registered User
Post: 39
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Posted 16-04-04 - 03:14 PM
First of all great work! Keep on doing it!

And to my actual message: It says "The Page Cannot Be Displayer" every once in a while when I try to access the forum. Is it an common problem or problem with my internet? Thanks :)
1st Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 316
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Posted 17-04-04 - 09:27 AM
its funny :P
I've been blocked once because I was telling news
before Morten published it ... guess I had the same
problem then ... hahahaha :)
Still funny how mad people can be at persons
who are so damned frustrating happy to know
something which they wanna share with others!

2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 156
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Posted 22-04-04 - 04:32 AM
I agree with you A.T.L. If you know something that hasn't been posted yet definately share it with all of us. I've only been able to do it once when I found out E-Type was going to doing a song with Blumchen. Sometimes I notice that posts E-Type news before this site.
3rd Reply

Post: 304
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Posted 22-04-04 - 11:39 AM
And the reason why this site sometimes lack the news quickly is because we need to be absolutely sure it's not rumours as we only publish official news. I hope you all understand why we do it like that.

Btw ... A.T.L. - I don't want to get into a further discussion but just a little addition - you weren't blocked just because of the sharing news before we published it but there were more elements to it. Just wanted to add that - no need for a discussion about that - everything's cool now and we have moved on from it.

/// Morten
4th Reply

Post: 68
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Posted 26-04-04 - 07:30 PM
It can probably be your connection or your computer that does strange things.

It's not a common problem, as far as I know. Have never noticed it myself.

I know from some sites, Internet Explorer can make errors, even though everything works perfectly. Just try refresh, if the error occurs.

/// Stingbat
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 3
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Posted 31-05-04 - 10:06 PM
Hey there!
How about the virus problems, have you got them?
When I write in here I must shut donwn my Zone Alarm Pro and then I got some virus in. Thats not very nice. Do you have same problems anyone?
6th Reply

Post: 72
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Posted 31-05-04 - 10:28 PM
There is not any virus problems... As you are telling, it's only when posting/writing in the forum - right?! I think it's Zone Alarm, who protects for the "post"ing mechanism. So guess you have to look into the configuration of it - if it's allowes you to do anything (after what I recall it's rather "limited").

As for first post in this thread, it was about the browser complaining about "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" - it can happen, if the user looses connection shortly, or just some "evil" programs, that "confuses" the browser or limits the band width etc.

But all in all, there shouldn't be any problems with posting, since it made "plainly", using standard HTML. Problems can occur on some clients, if they uses some special software (good or bad), with limits the connection or browser in some way.
I can tell you any solution, since I'm not aware of what software you are using, nor if any spyware programs have infected the computer, since it can make problems as well.

/// Stingbat
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 31-05-04 - 11:06 PM
Shit, how bad my enlish is!! I must translate your answear later and come in here then.
Well, here I am, virus-attact or not :)
Maybe my husband will kil me if those problems wont stop and he must clean our machine everytime when I have use it :)
OK Icome back later, thanks enyway.
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