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Author Subject:  Countr album?
Registered User
Post: 158
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Posted 28-04-04 - 01:49 AM
Are there still plans to make a euro country album, or has that idea been shelved permently? I think E-Type's next album should be totaly explorative. Euro-country, Euro-rock, Euro-pop, Euro-opera anything goes.

To me it seems that after 5 studio albums E-Type has already sustained his fanbase. Unless stockholm records really promotes E-Type worldwide he won't get bigger. He needs to try and get a contract with universal and leave stockholm records if he is to get more publicity. If he is satisfied with his succsess thus far than that's ok too.

Now is the time for Martin to really explore his musical potential!!
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Post: 306
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Posted 28-04-04 - 10:27 AM
You know - Stockholm Records is a branch of the Universal Music company so it wouldn't matter if he left Stockholm Records and joined Universal because it would be the same - in Sweden that is. It all depends on the different Universal offices in other countries whether or not they want to promote E-type in their country. We are currently trying to promote E-type in Denmark but I'm not sure how well it progresses right now - anyway, I guess in order for E-type to be big around the world - fans from the countries should try and contact their local Universal and have them promote E-type. Huge interest from the fans in those countries might have an impact on the record company.

I'm not sure though that happened with the euro country album which was actually meant only to be a project between Johan Dereborn and Martin Eriksson (not Martin as E-type but Martin as "himself") - but I guess lately they have been way too busy with the work on LPSL, Melodifestivalen and the upcoming tour than to think about that album - who knows if the talk about it will return, but I doubt it though. We'll have to wait and see!

/// Morten
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 29-04-04 - 03:06 AM
I sincerely hope E-type doesn't "explore" any country music influences in future songs. Angels Crying was a great song, but Angels Country was just out of place. This was the one song on all of the albums that I could not listen to more than once. The song wasn't terrible, but some things are better left untouched.

Mixing Euro-Dance and Country music is such a thing. I am not a fan of country music at all and I think these two do not blend together well.

The sample of "Dueling Banjos" by Deliverance in the beginning of "Angels Country" seems incredibly lame to me since that song is over used as "country".

I'm sure there might be a fan base for such musical endeavors as "euro-country" or "euro-opera" but not here. Genre-blending and experimenting can go wrong too you know.
3rd Reply
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Registered User

Post: 324
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Posted 01-05-04 - 01:24 PM
Little reply ...

Universal Records in the Netherlands is a bad
company ... hope he will have digidance for
the Netherlands
best songs are there :)
(because Benny Benassi is listed there too :P)

see ya
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