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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  hi all
Registered User
Post: 4
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Posted 29-09-04 - 11:31 AM
i miss e-type very much and i would like some mp3 of the new album of e-type on the web and thaaaaaaanx alll
ich liebe dich sie E-type
1st Reply

Post: 341
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Posted 29-09-04 - 01:06 PM
Hello there!

I'm sorry but requesting mp3's on the forum isn't allowed. We don't want to get into legal problems with the authorities if people start requesting and sharing mp3'z to one another.

I can suggest you see if you can find the CD in online stores such as,, or the direct links below:

Direct link to a guy selling it on Ebay:

Direct link to the CD on Amazon:

Hope you find a way to get hold of the album.

All the best,

/// Morten
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 163
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Posted 02-10-04 - 00:31 AM
Lime Wire
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 5
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Posted 03-10-04 - 09:17 AM
i am sorry NetRoam i don't mean to make some legal problems to the website .... but i can't find e-type CDs in my country and i must go to Eygpt or Dubai to buy some CDs of e-type so i can't stop waiting to go there thats my problem ....
And i am very very sorry
Thanx All
4th Reply

Post: 342
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Posted 03-10-04 - 10:36 PM
To arabianstar: It's alright - I'm glad you don't want to cause us any trouble and I understand why you ask in here as you aren't able to buy the records in your home country - hopefully the online stores I posted for you can help you a bit.

Take care

/// Morten
5th Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 348
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Posted 05-10-04 - 10:17 PM
It is very hard to get the E-Type cds by online shops ... they always need credit cards or something like that ... easy way t odo it by BANKTRANSFER is mostly not possible ... so ... Arabianstar is really not strange in it ...

and I also download a lot of music Arabianstar ... but I also do BUY all the songs which I love !!!
So my collection of 12", CDM and CDS is a little bit getting to big ... (oopsie!!!)


It is not fair that Danny ( gets all the great old singles and I still cannot get them! SNIF
6th Reply

Post: 343
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Posted 05-10-04 - 11:07 PM
Yeah - most online shops do requite credit cards or paypal (which is practically the same), but that being said - there are some nice shops out there that can offer great titles - the only catch about it can sometimes be the price as a single might be cheap enough but the shipping cost can be just as much as the actual single cost - but that aside I have actually bought a few singles online these past couple of weeks after I got my VISA-card and it's greeeeeat :)

I think though that Danny has done the same thing I did ... bought the singles with a VISA-card allowing him to get the nice titles just like I did ... I only have one problem now though ... I have seen several interesting E-type 12" singles but I don't own a record player for those vinyls so there's in a way no point in buying them if I can hear them - so that irritates me a bit.

Anyway - point is ... if one is willing to pay a bit for the singles and own a VISA-card - there's no stopping you ... Buying CDs with VISA or Paypal over the internet isn't that dangerous as people may think ... I bought two singles already (one from a guy in Lyon, France - and another from a guy in Rome, Italy) ... no problems whatsoever ... just need to find out what other people thought about doing business with these guys and if over 95% of the feedback is positive - then go for it. I can only recommend it :)

Take care!

/// Morten
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 75
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Posted 06-10-04 - 05:22 AM
Hi, Morten! :)

Since the discussion came to the point of buying records, maybe it's the the most appropriate time to create a specific thread in this forum "Buy/Sell/Exchange"? :)

P.S. even though on the competitive messageboard I was kicked my ass for posting the message similar to this one, in the upshot I have finally found what to do with my 3rd copy of "So Dem A Com" single :))))
8th Reply

Post: 344
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Posted 06-10-04 - 09:28 AM
Hi Schloss! :)

Yeah - I guess it is a good idea to create such a thread, so you're welcome to do so :)

However, I'm not sure whether or not we should go further with the idea of creating a buy/sell/exchange system which the competitive site is creating at the moment ... I have no idea if it will ever be used that much (seeing as how the forum is pretty inactive these days) - but in case people do find it interesting to make an all English version of that let me know so we can see how many people that are actually interested in it and then the crew will discuss it for the next update we're planning.

Btw ... a bit curious to know what you intend to do with your 3rd copy of "So Dem A Com" ;)

/// Morten
9th Reply
Registered User
Post: 76
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Posted 06-10-04 - 09:44 AM
2 NetRoam:

I already did :)
It's on the way to your Dutch colleague Danny.
We have exchanged the stuff.

And about new thread I will email you :)

10th Reply
Registered User
Post: 30
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Posted 06-10-04 - 03:55 PM
yep, i will get the SDAC single :)
because Alexey was searching for the 2 track of Angels Crying holland.
and i had that one for him.

btw Morten, i can get also one for you if you want (the 2 track of AC-holland). i hope your no angry that i will get this cd of SDAC

11th Reply

Post: 345
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Posted 06-10-04 - 07:08 PM
Hey Danny

Yeah - I'd love to get hold of the AC (Dutch version) so I'm all for that one - let me know on MSN and we'll talk further about it!

It's perfectly alright as to the SDAC-single ... as you may recall, Alexey mentioned the 3rd SDAC-single ... the 1st one is his own of course - the 2nd one I got some months ago - and now the 3rd one for you, my friend, so it's absolutely no problem at all :D

/// Morten
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