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Author Subject:  New single? dvd?
Registered User
Post: 1
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Posted 21-10-04 - 08:11 PM
i want to know what will be the new single ?? and if there will be a dvd (live, videos)
thanks a lot
DJ (french fan)
...sorry 4 my english...
1st Reply
Flasher T
Registered User
Post: 733
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Posted 22-10-04 - 02:51 PM
Probably no more singles from LPSL. Wouldn't hold my breath for a DVD either, although it would be cool if one was released...
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 164
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Posted 23-10-04 - 08:29 PM
It seems to me that E-Type/Martin needs to do alot more promotion and releases. He comes out with a bang and is on the world/euopean center stage and then disappears and never capitalizes on it, then repeats it 2-3 years later. By then people (who are not major fans) forget about him. I'm not saying that he should sell-out just as simple as releasing more singles off of his albums.

I don't know mabey he is happy at the level he is at and dosn't want to go bigger, which is cool.
3rd Reply
Banned: 1 time(s)
Registered User

Post: 351
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Posted 24-10-04 - 01:42 AM
Mondano -> E-Type only bangs Scandinavia!

Here he only had 1 entry in the top 40 and 4 in the MEGA TOP 100 ... and only Campione came further then the 40 (it came at number 3 and is still the best solld soccer song ever here!!!)

E-Type really needs to do a DVD release!
It's so stupid to see all big artists releasing cds ... and even the little stupid ones releases DVDs
EVEN ACE OF BASE made a DVD release of their latest album DA CAPO ... !!! so why E-Type doesnt?!

I hope he will release one more single for sure!
Cause DANS LA FANTASIE is the huge hit for all over Europe!

IF he will not release more songs, I don't know if he will do a good job then!
People are waiting for his music! Wanna hear new singles on radio etc ...

Hopefully there will be finally, after almost 5 years release a new song here in the netherlands, but i dont see it comming, cause I know what it is!

4th Reply

Post: 348
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Posted 17-11-04 - 09:08 AM
Hello there!

The new single issue has been resolved which you can read in the latest news, so hopefully it'll be a success but who knows since it's gonna be a double A-side single, but we'll see :)

As for the DVD-release - I have really tried my best to convince Stockholm Records to release an E-type DVD and at first they weren't so keen on the idea, but the last time I asked them about it, they weren't all that dismissive of the thought but they didn't think it would happen in the immediate near future back then, but they didn't dismiss the fact that it could happen someday - so I guess all we need to do now is pray for Stockholm Records to take the decision of releasing an E-type DVD sometime. I guess the most appropriate time would be in connection with a new album release or a new tour. I guess we have to wait patiently for that to happen :)

/// Morten
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 283
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Posted 19-11-04 - 12:03 AM
For a few years I've been waiting for it. And I actually could't understand why they could't release a DVD or video and now I get to know that nobody had ever thought of this idea (I'm not talking about you guys). Ok! Let's wait for a decade or two.

P.S.: excuse me, maybe I'm being too radical.
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