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Author Subject:  Camilla
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Posted 24-10-04 - 01:44 AM
and there it was ... OLYMPIA ... the song which destroyed the probably succes of Camilla ...
Olympia was a little hit in Sweden ...
but where did CAMILLA went ???

I asked several people to get the Camilla single for me ... but it looks like it became a COLLECTORS item
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Posted 17-11-04 - 09:03 AM
If you don't mind me saying so, I actually thought Olympia really grew on me the more I heard the song and now I absolutely love the song and think it's better than Camilla. I even think that if E-type only released Olympia instead of 2 "different" songs I think it would have had a better chance.

You're right though that we don't know where Camilla went - the single was quickly gone from the shelves and no online stores have it at all, so it really has become a collector's item. Very sad to see that!

I just hope that he will have a bit more success with the new single being planned now though, but we'll see when that time comes!

/// Morten
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Posted 17-11-04 - 02:01 PM
I hope that the single which has been planned for the Netherlands will be a huge hit!
But sadly without a video :( so that will be destroyable for here ...

Camilla ... I tried to get it ... but nothing worked!
Its sad ... olympia is fun ... but Camilla was better

I asked people if they would like to see a new E-Type song in the hitlists ...
Could make them happy that it is better haha!
But would love to see DANS LA FANTASIE here!!!
Cause that will be a top10 hit

3rd Reply
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Posted 17-11-04 - 10:29 PM
It seems to me that mabey waiting soooooooooo long between releasing singles is what detroys martins success rate. Of course the hardcore e-type fans will love his music no matter how long it takes to release singles.

Look at most successful music stars and you'll notice a trend:
1. Release a hit single
2. Release a killer record
3. Once the single starts fadeing from the charts release a follow-up single.
4. Repeat
5. After releaseing 3 singles, disappear for 2-3 years, tour and come back with an awsome new album.

Why E-type always has to come out huge and not ride with the momentum is beyond me. For example:

He did awsome with Paradise in March coming out with a bang, gained promotion all over europe. Then he waited 3 whole months to release a follow up with Olympia/Camilla in June. That is long enough for people to lose excitment. It will now be 6 months since Olympia/Camilla was released and only now is a new single being released. You have to ride with success not wait till it disappears and start new.

No other successful music star is so lax is thier releases. Our Lady Peace, Green Day, Britney Spears even Sash! does not function this way. As soon as a singles drops low in the charts another one follows up.

I no longer think it's his style that holds him back, (many crappier groups are more successful than E-type) it's E-Type's and Stockholm Records lax of promotion and releasing. One huge promtion every 3 years is not enough. I've come to think that mabey it's the european way, or that he dosen't care to much and is happy in his current position. If this is true than it's cool.

Just my view on things...

4th Reply
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Posted 20-11-04 - 05:46 AM
2 A.T.L.

Try to find it here -
It is a store located in Finland as you can see. Camilla is available in their catalogue, costs 3.5 euro and I have already ordered 2 copies of this single from them. But it seems that both were last in their stock, because 1 of the singles guys even had to order from somewhere else themselves.

Good luck!
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