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Author Subject:  Gigi's Back! Lamour Tourjour 2
Registered User
Post: 166
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Posted 04-12-04 - 00:26 AM
Hey just read that Gigi D'agostino has a new album called Lamour Tourjour 2 via !!! Here's the tracklisting:

CD 1

01. Welcome To Paradise (Gigi D'agostino's Way)
02. Angel (Gigi D'agostino's Way)
03. Total Care (Vision 2)
04. Wellfare (Elettro Gigi Dag)
05. The Rain (Gigi D'agostino's Way)
06. Together In A Dream (Elettro Gigi Dag)
07. Goodnight (Gigi D'agostino's Way)
08. I Wonder Why (Vision 5)
09. Sonata (Gigi & Luca Trip)
10. Complex
11. Silence (To Comprehend The Conditioning)
12. Nothing Else
13. On Eagle's
14. L'Amour Toujours (I Wish Real Peace)
15. Another Way (In Spiaggia Al Tramonto)

CD 2

01. Canto Do Mar (Gigi D'agostino Pescatore Mix)
02. Summer Of Energy (Gigi D'agostino Viaggio Mix)
03. Maretta
04. Percorrendo (Gigi's Impression)
05. Gigi's Way (Andando Altrove)
06. Tangology
07. Momento Contendo
08. Dance'n'Roll
09. Paura E Nobilta' (Ribadisco Mix)
10. Bolero
11. Angel (Elettro Gigi Dag)
12. The Rain (Vision 3)
13. Total Care (Elettro Gigi Dag)
14. Imagine (Gigi D'agostino's Way)
15. Toccando Le Nuvole (Gigi's Impression)
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Registered User
Post: 167
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Posted 09-12-04 - 11:55 PM
If want to listen to this album go to:

First CD is slow and has lots of gigi singing. Good album but more relaxing than i would expect form gigi. Not many dance tunes but more italian flavor with almost a classical feel to it.

Second CD is more upbeat. Less vocals more trancy songs. Was actually disappointed to find some of versions i download are not the ones on the album, as the ones I downloaded were better. Also a good album.

The only problem is that he should take both styles and combine them but that's just what i would prefer.
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 168
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Posted 09-12-04 - 11:59 PM // Updated 10-12-04 - 00:01 AM
Forgot to mention...

The album is avaliable at for 21.99 euro, if you would like to purchase it. I have my copy comming should be here by January.
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