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Author Subject:  New Albums!!
Registered User
Post: 172
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Posted 14-01-05 - 10:51 PM
K just wanted to share with you guys some info on some new releases for 2005. Releases have been pretty slow lately but there are a few albums worth mentining.

New euro/trance from Canada by DJ Rad. Not sure if you guys have heard of him but he has made a huge impact in Canada and across Asia. You may have heard "Come Home," "If Tomorrow Never Comes," "I'm Calling You" or his brand new song "Mine."

"The Best Hits Collection" DJ Rad
1. Come Home
2. Round And Round
3. I'm Calling You
4. If Tomorrow Never Comes
5. Get Down Everbody
6. Turbulance
7. Northern Lights
8. The Anthem
9. Waking Waves
10. Last Goodbye
11. Underground Nation

As previuosly posted Gigi D'Agostino's "Lamour Tourjours 2" was released in December. Amazing album truly unique, definately worth picking up.

I'm always looking to expand my euro library so if anyone has any new albums they really like please post a reply.

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Registered User

Post: 357
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Posted 15-02-05 - 04:00 PM
soon new Gigi material!!!
he is working on LABORATORIO 2 ...
I've got 13 albums of him allready :)
waiting for a lot more hahaha!!

Laboratorio 1 is much better then Lamour Toujours 2
Nah not better ... its HARDER!!
Cause Lamour Toujours 2 is soft!!!

2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 168
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Posted 26-02-05 - 09:58 PM
Isn't DJ Rad Polish?
There is a review of his album on along with sound samples
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 175
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Posted 27-02-05 - 00:23 AM
Well yes you are right....

If you check out his biography on his homepgae it says that he was born in Poland, moved to Germany and now lives in Canada. So he is a polish-born Canadian. I'm not sure where in Canada he lives but I assume the Toronto area as he has done remixes other Canadian dance artists such as Joee and Danilla who are from Toronto. Also there is not much in the euro scene outside of the GTA (Grater Tornoto Area)

Being such a young Country it seems like everybody's parents were born in another country. For example my parents were born in England many of my friends parents were from Poland. All you have to do is visit Toronto to see the diversity here.

Hope this answers your questions.

I also tried to purschase this album from HMV but could not find it. It's very hard to find and was only released in Asia on limited release. I actually purchased a copy online from a Chicago based company for $19.99.
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 176
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Posted 10-03-05 - 01:34 AM
Benny Benassi now Benassi Bros. is back with an awsome new album!! If your into electronic music you have to get there brand new album called "...Phobia". Gotta say there first album "Hypnotica" I bought and it took a while to grow on me as I only found a couple really good songs. "Pumphonia" was better with more hits and variation. Now "...Phobia" is truly awsome branching into dance and house with an electronica base. All the songs have singing makeing it less repetative.

The album is avaliable for download (illeaglly) via bittorent at

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Make Me Feel
2. Light
3. Rocket In The Sky
4. Every Single Day
5. Castaway
6. Feel Aive
7. Waitin' For You
8. Ride To Be My Girl
9. Black Bird
10. Somebody To Touch Me
11. Movin' Up
12. Run To Me
5th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 359
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Posted 14-03-05 - 03:26 PM
You've got it wrong MONDANO ...
Benny Benassi = NOT Benassi Bros
Benny Benassy & Ale Benassi = Benassi Bros
and those 2 are also BAT69
But Benny Benassi is still a stand alone worker!
so ...

Great new songs by Molinaro and Gabry Ponte
Also from Provenzano DJ ... yeah yeah!

I buy my Italian dance/house 12" and CDS almost
always at americandisco ... thats my kind of music!

6th Reply
Registered User
Post: 177
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Posted 15-03-05 - 11:54 PM
Thanks for the info. Never really researched and was just makeing a general statment. I still think of the group as benny benassi with feat singers even if it's not truly correct.

Benny Benassi, Alle Benassi (Benassi Bros), Paul French, Violetta, (The Biz) Sandy and Dhany all praticipated in the vocals across the three albums.

Anyways I've listened to the new album alot now and I'm loving it more and more. Definately the best to date. "Castaway" is IMO the best song on the album although they are all good. Typical BB beats to start, then female vocals are added telling a story starting off soft then building into high energy. Also a pulseing sensation as a bedding. Also surprisingly this album contians some trance sounds in "Waiting For You", "Feel Alive", "Every Single Day" and "Rocket In The Sky" which makes a nice addition to there music. This being said electronica is still the dominate style. Every song is a good listen unlike the previous albums which I found were very reptitive and tiring to listen too.
7th Reply
Registered User
Post: 170
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Posted 12-05-05 - 02:17 AM
Well Lasgo released their new one here in US
I have not completely heard it yet, just a few songs, but it is more Disco/Synthpop than their first one :)
8th Reply
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Registered User

Post: 368
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Posted 13-05-05 - 11:54 PM
Lasgo from our southern neighbours in Belgium haha!
Same producers (almost) as Milk Inc ...
Lasgo released allready some new tracks here
doing quite well

No ... Benny Benassi is different then the Benassi Bros ...
You make a mistake in what you're saying ...
check the album ...
all the songs are FEAT. Dhany or FEAT Paul
or something ...
So Benny Benassi is one person
Benassi Bros are 2 ...
every "guest" singer is someone special
or a "Biz" member ...
Understand what I mean?!

By the way ...
Benny Benassi will be in the Netherlands
ad MiSTERYLAND! yeah!
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