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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  Democratic Iraq!!!
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Posted 30-01-05 - 07:43 PM
Well the day has finally come when Iraqi's have a chance to participate in there own future. The country has been under a dictatorship for many years and the people of Iraq have been surpressed throughout that time as well. Of course there will be many problems within Iraq for many years to come but just seeing the Iraqis have a chance to vote and have some say, show's how grateful they really are.

This situation makes me look back at the time before the war and remember discussing if we should go to war or not. Seeing the progress today makes me ahsamed to be a Canadian, becuase I know with all our bosting of bringing peace in the world, we failed to help out in this situation. Of course there were many sacrifices made and many lives lost during the past couple of years but I still believe the right thing was done. I also am grateful to all the soldiers who made this day a reality and I thank all the soldiers who lost there lives for this cause. (Remember noone was conscripted to go to Iraq, it was all done voluntarily. You know the dangers when you sign up for the armed forces.)

Who can honestly at this point say that seeing Iraq's free to run there own country is a bad thing? There are still problems within Iraq as there will be for many years to come. The world at this point needs to come together and forget there hatetred for the United States and help make Iraq and the middle east a better place. We still need to foocus on the problems between Isrial (Holy land my ass) and Palistine, as they can obviously not come to agreements on there own.

Personally I think Bush is an idiot but at least he has the courage to fight other people battles, as they can't do it themselves. Sure we can sit over here in North America and leave everyone else to there own problems but I think 911 showed us how nieve that thinking is.

Let me know what your views are. After all this type of discussion is what makes Democracy such a wonderful thing.
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Posted 31-01-05 - 09:39 AM
All I can say ...
Iraq cannot be democratic as long the Western
world is telling them what to do ...
They can only be democratic when they want it by
themself ... the Western world ain't the one to decide!

As we can see, Iraq ain't ready for democratic!!!
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