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Interactive  [Message Board]
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Author Subject:  New DJ Aligator
Registered User
Post: 179
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Posted 25-04-05 - 11:29 PM
Hey guys DJ Aligator has just released his third CD called "Music Is My Language." It seems to be a good mix of vocal trance and his typical euro style. I just love his middle eastern style songs like "Music Is My Language," "Temple of India" and "Calling Out Your Name." What I also love about him is he really does travel the world and is coming to Toronto for the 2nd time in May. Alos he is the only Irainian
dance artist I've heard of.

Here the tracklist for his latest album:
"Music Is My Language"
1. Intro
2. Davaj Davaj
3. Do You Realise
4. Protect Your Ears
5. Angel
6. Music Is My Language
7. Here Comes The Rain
8. Screw You
9. Fading Beauty
10. Countdown
11. Close To You
12. Outro
1st Reply

Post: 359
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Posted 27-04-05 - 05:26 PM
*cough cough* Iranian? If my knowledge suits me correctly the last time I checked he was Danish and have been living in our country since the age of 13. He speaks fluent Danish and has created his DJ Aligator Project as a Dane, so calling him an Iranian artist can be discussed seeing as how his natural talent for music and entertaining was already there before he moved to Denmark. It was his opportunities in Denmark though that led him to be the big artist that he is today. In a way you can say that he's originally Iranian and will always have Iran in his heart - no doubt about that - but he's now under the Danish flag so to speak :)

Anyway - just wanted to point it out! Have to listen to the album some time ;)
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 79
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Posted 27-04-05 - 06:33 PM
"Music Is My Language" is a duo with the famouse persian/swedish singer Arash... he got a song called "Boro Boro" that was n#1 in Sweden for 2 months!!! it sold gold...He is very very famouse in sweden...the song "music is my language" is also in Arash album =)
they made a duo cuz both of them are persians/iranish XD
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 180
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Posted 27-04-05 - 09:59 PM
Haha sorry I just have to laugh Netroam. I do see your point but I still consider him Iranian, well Iranian/Danish.

Just becuase you move from your home country to a new country, it dosen't mean you loose your original heritage. Actually that's a very American way of thinking becuase if you become an American citizen you have to give up your current citizenship. Mabey that's how it is in Demark as well I'm not sure, but in Canada you can have many citizenship's as well as Canadian. My parents are both British and Canadian citizens and still very much consider themsleves British as they have been in Canada for 26 years.

Anyways my point was that he did have his skill and talent already when he lived in Iran and was already interested in dance music, which is unheard of from my point of view. Who would think Iran/Dance music? And yes being in Denmark did give him the oppertunity to become successful.

Also got a copy of the new album and I have to say it is a very good album. Actually he's changed his style to trance instead of typical dj aligator and I have to say it is a very good album. Not to worry though there are a few songs that keep the old style.
4th Reply

Post: 361
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Posted 27-04-05 - 10:48 PM
Of course DJ Aligator is Iranian by heritage and heart but seeing as how he's spent half of his life - perhaps more - in Denmark I still consider him part of the Danish society and a Danish artist.

I'm quite sure that in Denmark you can only have 1 citizenship but I don't remember for certain about it. But even if he still is a citizen of Iran he has been a part of the Danish society for many years and he's become "one of us", so that's why we always refer to him as the Danish artist called DJ Aligator.

I know his talent of music was already developed a bit before he moved from Iran to Denmark, but back then he was only entertaining his family and friends with his toy keyboard where he has the ability to hear a melody and play it perfectly on his keyboard. The interest in dance music didn't come until he was in Denmark where he first studied jazz and classical music whereafter he got his first job as a DJ at a nightclub.

That's why I considered him a Danish artist. But of course there are different variations of opinions towards this, so I respect your opinion as well :)
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 169
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Posted 12-05-05 - 02:02 AM
Davaij Davaij is a cover of a fun Russian dance song :)

Truthfully I don't think he is the best Danish dance act out there.
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