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Author Subject:  Love this refrain: :)
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Post: 21
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Posted 09-05-05 - 04:04 AM
Yet again time to look back.. The text in e-type's songs, is one of things that makes the music special to me.. ! A single line can make a song grow form great to GREAT! :) I think the best refrain is the one from Time:
Time, time take me where
I'm no longer a stranger
I'll do anything
I know I'll find a way
Time, time take me there
And with the speed of lightning
I'll do anything
I know I'll find a way

Well.. can't say in specific why I think it is great.. But if i'm a bit sad, This is THE song! :]

Anyone else who can tell about their best experience whith an e-type text? :)
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Posted 09-05-05 - 09:35 PM
For me the complete lyric of
You Will Always Be A Part Of Me
gives me special feelings.

My father died in 2000, then we played this
song while more then 100 people were in the
church and could hear my goodbye for my father!!!

Because he will always be a part of me ...
wherever I will go ...or where he will be!
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Posted 10-05-05 - 02:49 AM
Well there are many of E-Type's lyrics that hold meaning for me. My favorite one that I really connect with is from Here I Go Again:

Here I Go Again,
It's time for me to fade away,
I out of Here I Go Again,
I've lost the game,
And Noone is to blame.

Whenever I feel down or upset I listen to this song and I just feel like E-Type knows exactlly how I'm feeling. The whole song speaks to me, telling me I have to keep going and I'm the only one who can decide which course I take in life.
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Post: 182
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Posted 10-05-05 - 03:37 AM
Following the same topic of best lyrics from a song, although not an E-Type song (sorry guys), I have to say my all time favorite is:

J.K - Go On

All you feel is pain buring in your soul,
driving you insane,
on & on you go,
?? on the run you loose your mind tonight,
you don't wanna die.

You gotta survive but there just not enough hold on
You wanna survive but there's just not enough to hold on
You just wanna stop but your body's moving you on,
You just wanna stop but you know that you gotta go on.

This song makes me happy whenever I feel down. It's hard to be down with a high energy song like this. And the lryics through out the whole song are just brilliant.
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