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Author Subject:  Euro IV Ever
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Posted 29-12-01 - 04:44 AM
Hello its Matt again. I just burned myself a copy of the new cd and I must say it is his best one. I like the fact that all the songs have a euro feel but it is still varied at the same time.

E-Type always surprises me. I must admit my expectations were very high for this CD since it took sooooo dame long to make. I definately think it is his best CD so far.

Just some of my thoughts about the tracks:
- I love how he added the electric guitar sound to I think it was "Lonliness Ring The Alarm."
- "Time" is definately the best track on the album.
- I love how he always adds a experimental track as I like to call them, with "Oh Weda"
- And i like how he kinda has countinuing themes with "Borjeski(spelled wrong sorry) to Russian Lullaby", has that russian theme and "Abrian Star to Princess of Eygpt", has that Eygptian theme.

Congratulations to E-Type on an awsome CD.

Before you say anything about buring the CD I would just like you to know that I worked my ass off trying to get it imported. It was impossible. The only place I could find it only had swedish translation and no Canadian currency avaliable.

I've given up trying to get Stockholm Records to sell it in Canada. The only person who can changed there minds about selling his albums worldwide is Martin himself. Until then I will have to settle with getting E-Types albums through downloads.

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