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Author Subject:  Gotta Love That Crazy Frog!
Registered User
Post: 187
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Posted 23-07-05 - 06:05 AM
K you guys in europe must of heard this Crazy Frog guy. I was in Ottawa, Canada's capital for Canada Day and I heard Crazy Frog's - Alex F on the radio. Man this song stupid but very addictive and interesting. When I arrived back in Toronto it was all over the radio. Did a toornet search and this guys album is all over the internet. It amazes me how a very simply produced album can get so big world-wide. Reminds me of the similar hampton the hamster a few years back.

I have to admit the Crazy Frog's sounds are pretty inventive.
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Registered User

Post: 372
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Posted 25-07-05 - 02:34 PM
The maker of this song is a young male from Scandinavia ;) so ...
And in England it has been the number one for
weeks ... :P
but it's for sure the most IRRITATING SONG
for this year ...

here in the Netherlands it did not that well as in
England ... but also quite good :)
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 28
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Posted 02-08-05 - 02:54 AM
Hope the frog will die soon :/
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 80
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Posted 03-08-05 - 11:28 AM
the creator of Crazy Frog is swedish and was created 2003, by Erik Wernquist.
first it was going to name " The Annoying Thing" but they changed it to Crazy Frog :P
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