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Author Subject:  Latest news on E-type
Registered User
Post: 43
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Posted 26-07-05 - 07:44 PM
Hi, everyone!
As you know Martin wants to build a real viking city.
Here his first steps))))
1st Reply
Registered User
Post: 3
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Posted 01-08-05 - 03:53 PM // Updated 01-08-05 - 04:04 PM
I'm clicking the link, but I can see only just his toilet in Luleaa (just a small village in the North of Sweden, where E-type is living since the summer has come). Though it's looking rather just like vikings chirch. Nice place for praying porcelan God isn't it.

It seems to me like right link is

Without any photo.

There is nothing new under the moon
2nd Reply
Registered User
Post: 27
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Posted 02-08-05 - 02:52 AM
He should stop building and start making music again :]
3rd Reply
Registered User
Post: 105
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Posted 03-08-05 - 05:28 AM
Indeed! :)
4th Reply
Registered User
Post: 191
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Posted 04-08-05 - 02:10 AM
I agree but you have to let Martin have some time for himself. Anyways you know how his albums tend to run every 2-3 years. Following his trend we could guess that he will release a new album in late 2006 or mid 2007. I am sure he is always thinking of and writing new lyrics and melodies all the time. If you push him to release albums too fast then you just end up with another Britney Spears or Backstreet boys. I do not consider E-Type a "Pop" star, so we shouldn't expect him to act like one.

I hope E-Type's next album does have a more diverse style. His past 2 albums have been full blown euro which I love but I would like to see a return to "explorer" style in a few songs. Mabey a song about Vikings would suit him very well, although I don't know how that would go, I'm not a writter by any means.

I think E-type has reached his peak in popularity world-wide. I know he could climb higher but from what I can tell E-Type and Stockholm Records are not very interested in persuing that path. He is by far the King of euro-dance across europe but is still not been able to break into the North American market, as far as sustained success, not just 1 hit every 5 years. If it meant he would have to change styles in order to get a North American audience, then we are not worth it. Especially at this time were terrible wannabe punk-rockers and rappers are dominateing the music industry. I am so glad he didn't end up makeing a country-euro album (Where he got the idea that it would do well in North America I don't know?). 1 or 2 songs in this style would be acceptable on a ablum as exploritive songs, which all his albums contain, meaning good songs but definately not meant to become hits a.k.a singles.

I guess only time will tell but I'm sure E-Type will not let us down as he never has. I only hope he continues to make music throughout the next decade but I know he will eventually stop creating music as he is getting older. A 40 something year old still makeing eurodance music is impressive and almost unheard of. The only person I can think of is Martillo Vago a.ka. Pual Fualhammer who is in his 70's still makeing great euro trance. He is an american who uses the name Martillo Vago to sound like he is from Europe and did a collaboration with mega eurostar Sash! providing the vocals for Adelante a few years back.

Anyways only time will tell what's in store for E-Type and I'm sure he will not let his fans down.
5th Reply
Registered User
Post: 29
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Posted 15-08-05 - 04:52 AM
Great idea with a Viking-album.. Loved the koncept of Last Man Standing with the Mid-age theme.. I still think it was E-types best hole album..
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